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Dog Grooming – Things You Should Check Before Choosing a Pet Groomer

Dog Boarding

If you’re a pet owner, chances are you love spending time with your dog or cat every chance you get when you’re at home. And, you know that it’s not enough to simply ‘be present’ – you actually have to interact with your pet, play with them, given them attention, and love them! That’s usually not a problem for people who own animals, and more often than not, pets are considered to be a part of the family.

Aside from doing all the ‘fun’ things with your pet, it’s also important to give them the best care you can provide, and this includes keeping them healthy and happy, even while you’re away. That’s why cat boarding and dog boarding is a great option for pet owners who are looking to provide their pets with quality care, attention, and love, even if they’re not around.

Think of it this way – you may take your children to school or daycare each day when you go to work. That way, you know they’re being looked after, and getting quality care. Why should your pets be any different? Boarding for dogs and cats is a more popular option than ever for people on the go, and the good news? Pet grooming in Winnipeg is more prominent than ever, because people want to make sure their dogs and cats are being cared for while they’re away.

Want to check out some pet boarding options for your dog or cat? There are a few things to keep in mind:

First, do your research on different boarding facilities in your area. Many of them may offer additional options like grooming, active play, training, etc. The more you can get in a day, the better. These are the places that will usually go the extra mile to care for your pet.

Health and safety should always be a top priority when it comes to finding a quality boarding for dogs and boarding for cats solution for your pet. Check out a boarder’s health and safety procedures and practices beforehand to make sure you’re comfortable with how they’re going to treat your dog or cat throughout the day.

Thankfully, the Internet makes it very easy to learn a lot about boarding facilities before you even contact them in person. Don’t be afraid to take reviews from other pet owners into consideration when you’re looking into boarding options for your dog or cat. Chances are, if other people have had a good experience, so will you!

Your pet should get the maximum care from any boarding facility you choose to bring them to. This includes quality hygiene practices, strict training regimens, and of course, an endless stream of love, attention, and care. While you’re off at work, or getting through your day away from home, you should be able to feel confident your pet is getting the same kind of attention they would be getting from you and your family, while staying healthy and happy in the process, and maybe even learning a few new tricks for obedience.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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Dog Kennels Are Best Place for Your Pet When You Go On Vacation

Boarding for Dogs

Dog kennels are a great way to provide a cozy shelter for your pets on days when you are going out and even when you are going away for a business trip. It helps you ensure your pet’s comfort and security when you are out and about. Don’t forget that your pets have a tendency to get tired physically and wear out emotionally. Kennels do not only make up for a good shelter, but also groom them. Boarding for dogs gives you the chance to make your dog accustom to new experiences.

When you are on the go, your dog is just as much vulnerable to a new environment as you are. A new place, especially if it is crowded might send your pet in frenzy. It is possible that your pet might go under stress from all the traveling. For such times, kennels are a good option to avail. You can leave your pet in a kennel for a while where it will be looked after by professional caretakers who will look after it. Your pet will be trained by these professionals to deal with various situations as well. If you consider this option, make sure that you do some background check of the kennel you are opting for. It is important that their caretakers are gentle and performing well. Make sure that you do not put your dog in a place that is already crowded because it might end up being neglected.

Here are some things that you need to look for while you are choosing a dog kennel for your dog:

  1. The first thing that you need to check is to find out its date of establishment. If it is older than most, it is possible that they have more experience about their business and they might provide better facilities for your dog than others. You can trust an old institute with their care and security because of the length of their professional experience.
  2. Another thing which you must consider about a kennel is feedback. A shelter’s reputation, says a lot about its work. It is healthy to talk to other people who’ve used their services before or look for reviews online. You can also read for a local newspaper or magazine articles about the place. This is a great way to decide whether you want to use a specific kennel or not.
  3. You can be straightforward and ask the shelter if they have veterinary services. You never know when the situation might go out of hand and if you are concerned about your pet, then it is good to check for such facilities. It is true that dog boarding or cat boarding is a great option, but make sure you are picking the right place.
  4. The fourth thing that you can do to decide a kennel is to check the diet and accommodation that they provide. You can either do it personally by visiting the place at random hours once or twice or you can ask a friend. It is important that you choose a place which will ensure that your dog stays healthy while you cannot look after it and therefore be wise when it comes to such facilities.
  5. Other details that you need to check are things like heating or air conditioning based on the weather. It is also good to consider if there is a proper exercise routine for your dog as well. You will feel less stressed about leaving your dog behind if you consider all these details before.
  6. One more thing that you should be aware of about a kennel is what kind of grooming they provide. While you are away, make sure that your pet’s coat gets trimmed regularly.

These are all the things that count when you are choosing a shelter for your pet. You will be asked to provide some documents like inoculations and other certificates. Keep your formal certificates ready after you have picked a kennel so you can avail their services as soon as possible.

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What Features to Look for Pet Boarding Before Leaving Your Pet

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Most of us have busy schedules, and as a society, we find ourselves at home less than ever before. If you have a dog or cat, that can be a hard reality to accept, and can leave you feeling guilty for leaving them alone all the time. Not only can it be uncomfortable for them if they’re stuck in a house and don’t have the ability to run around and play, use the bathroom, etc., but it can get lonely spending hours alone each day.

Dog Boarding

However, you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving your pet, when you consider boarding for dogs or cat boarding in Winnipeg. A great way to do this is to send your furry friend to a pet-sitter. Unlike traditional boarding services, most pet sitters can offer your cat or dog individual attention and extra care, just like you would at home! They can provide the absolute best care for your pet while you’re away. When you’re looking for a pet sitter or boarding service, there are a few things to consider.

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You’ll want to make sure you’re choosing someone who’s reliable, and has a good reputation. Luckily, if your sitter has been doing this for a while, they will likely be able to back up their reputation by directing you toward their past clients who can give them a good review. Many sitters will even have their own website, or reviews can be posted about them online. It’s a great idea to do your research before selecting a boarding service of any kind, so you can make sure your dog or cat will be receiving the best care possible, from a responsible person.

It’s also important to make sure your sitter is well-trained in the world of pets. Just about anyone can take a dog for a walk, and fill a bowl with food, but would they know what to do in case of an emergency? Of course, no one ever wishes for anything out of the ordinary to happen, but the sad truth is that sometimes things come up, and you’ll want to make sure you have someone in your corner that can act accordingly and take care of your pet quickly.

Many pet sitters and boarders will even offer extra services. If you’re looking for grooming in Manitoba, extra walks, extra playtime, training, and more, those are all characteristics you can add to your specific search when it comes to finding the perfect pet sitter for your four-legged friend. It’s never easy to have to leave your cat or dog for any reason, but instead of leaving them alone, why not leave them with someone who can show them love, and take care of them the same way you would while you’re away? Pet boarding is a great option to make sure your furry friend stays comfortable while you’re gone, and you can have peace of mind knowing they’re being looked after by someone who will truly care about them, and treat them well. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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Things to Know About Pet Boarding Kennels in Winnipeg

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Cat and dog resting together.

Pet boarding can be a difficult thing for pet owners to do, whether you have a dog or cat you need to leave behind for a while, for any specific reason. However, dog boarding and cat boarding can be a healthier, safer option for your pet, rather than taking them with you on a long trip where you may not be able to give them the attention and care they really need. While it can be hard to leave your pet in the care of someone else, you can trust that you’re leaving them with a safe, professional location with just a bit of extra research.

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The best type of Winnipeg Kennels for boarding is usually run on a small-scale operation, or even by families. Kennels that are too big, or too close to a big city, can be overrun, stressful, and even dangerous for your dog. Instead, if you can find a dog boarding location that is driven by a pure love and passion for animals, with a loving staff and location far away from heavy traffic, buildings, etc., it could be perfect. While you’re on vacation, your pets can be, too!

If cost is your concern, it’s a good idea to do your research. Most boarding for dogs and cats in Winnipeg actually may not be as expensive as you may think, and you can often get a good deal if you have multiple pets. If you ended up bringing your pet with you on vacation, you’d likely be spending a lot more on their care. Once you’ve established a base price for your dog or cat’s care at the kennel, many of them offer extras that can make your pet more comfortable. From extra walks or playtime each day, to pampering services like grooming, etc., you can give your pet everything you’d like to! Though, most kennels already have built in schedules for play, exercise, etc. that are very sufficient to fit your pet’s needs. If you find a great kennel, you won’t have to worry about your dog being in a cage all day!

Keep in mind that the best kind of boarding for dogs and cats is going to be a place that really strives to make your pets feel comfortable. While nothing will ever be as good as the creature comforts of home, it’s usually not hard to determine whether a boarding location takes your pet’s comfort level and security into consideration. A great tip is to look online and check out as many reviews as you can about a particular boarding location, before making the choice to take your pet there.

Leaving your pet can be a bit unnerving if you’re going to be gone for a while, or especially if you have an emergency situation to take care of that requires you to leave them for a few days. But, once you can find a place you can trust, where you know your pet will stay safe, get exercise, and be able to interact with other animals in a friendly fashion, it will seem a lot easier, and you can eliminate a lot of that stress.

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Choose the Right Boarding Services for Your Pets

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Boarding for Dogs

If you have a dog or cat, chances are you consider them to be a part of the family. Pet owners are very passionate about their furry friends, and as an owner, it can be hard to leave them alone for an extended period of time. Our lives are busy enough as it is, and it can be difficult to find time for your dogs or cats on a day to day basis, let alone having to leave them for longer than a day. But, for this you shouldn’t have to feel stuck, or guilty, when it comes to leaving your pets at the pet care camp which can be the home away from home for your pets, you just needs to make sure that they receive the right kind of care at there while you are away.

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There are many different Winnipeg kennels for dogs and cats that will keep your pet happy, healthy, and entertained throughout the day, if you have to be away. When you’re searching for boarding for dogs, or boarding for cats, the first thing you’ll obviously want to look out for is reliability, and a good reputation. You want someone to take care of your pet, and give them the affection they deserve! So, it’s important to do a little research before you consider boarding your pet at a specific location.

Thankfully, most dog boarding service providers have websites or reviews online where you can check out experiences of other owners who have trusted specific boarding sites with their pets. Choose someone you can trust and depend on for all your pet’s needs. Of course, you’re the best caretaker your pet could ever ask for, but leaving them in a different location means it’s up to you to find the ‘second best,’ in someone who will treat your dog or cat with just as much love, and give them just as much attention. If they’re going to be locked in a cage all day with no interaction and no exercise, you may want to look elsewhere!

After reliability and reputation, the most important thing to consider in finding the perfect cat boarding place is the staff of that pet day/night care camp. You can usually find any complaints or praises about the staff on those same review sites, but if you call a location, or make a visit, take note of how the staff interacts with you, or if you’re visiting, see how they interact with other pets that are already there. Are they friendly? Are they harsh? Do they go the extra mile to make the dogs and cats feel comfortable at their place? If you can catch a glimpse of how the staff treats the animals at their location, you’ll have a better idea if you want to send your dog or cat there.

Boarding your dog or cat doesn’t have to be a stressful event, as long as you choose the right place, with the right people. Don’t be afraid to do your research, and find the best boarding location that’s a perfect fit for your pets!

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Glancing at the Best Dog Boarding Options

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Are you a dog lover? Are you someone who is very attached to his dog and looks for the best services in every way? If yes, then we can help you with state of the art dog boarding options when you are not there to take care of it. Similarly, if you are a cat lover and you want your cat to be treated in a royal manner just like home, Walden Way Canine and Kitty Camp is a truly helpful option if you want your cat or dog to be taken care of when you are not there.


We have a confident and qualified team for Dog Boarding Winnipeg

Walden way has the most experienced and trained team to treat your dog in the best manner. We are not simple kennel providers and we have state of the art facilities to keep your dog healthy and happy when you are not there to do the same. Our company has proper physical grounds so that your dog can follow a healthy routine by getting involved in physical activities.

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A large, lush green area, providing a natural habitat

Dogs need large, lush green fields so that they can run around, sniff and even explore the area. We provide them exactly that. Walden Way has more than 5 acres of fresh, lush green grassy area. We treat each dog in the best manner. With such a natural treatment, dogs do not miss their homes one bit.

The Royal Boarding for Dogs Services that we have to offer

As we said, we offer nothing less than the said when it comes to dog boarding. Your dog would be treated in an elite manner. Dog boarding options come under the Canine Camper category of Walden Way.

• Every dog has a personal indoor bunk house to retain the maximum comfort level. There is unlimited access to dog private outdoor run. Every dog has a personal doggy door for this purpose. The bed is changed and fresh water is provided twice a day. We want your dog to remain active and healthy while he gets pampered at Walden Way. Thus, a 20 minute exercise slot is a part of our routine. Along with that, we also groom dogs when they come to spend a lovely time at our place.

• We have a shuttle service for your pets if you think that you would not be able to drop them and pick them. When you are making the reservation, you can let us know and we would pick your pet in the safest manner from your place and provide transportation for a drop back as well. How good are we as a dog boarding service provider. You can get a very clear idea by going through the testimonials of our customers. These comments give you a very clear idea about how well we perform our job. In other words, you can trust us on a 100% scale that we would take care of your pet in the best possible manner.

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Essential Steps to Follow For Dog Boarding Business Owners

It is no wonder that pets in our home are our best friends. Having a pet itself is a liability and if you want to be a good pet owner then you would need to take care of your pet in all manners. The pet boarding is really very assistive service and that is why most of the pet owners consider taking this service now and then. And that is the reason why having a boarding for pet, especially dog boarding could be really very profitable business.

But, if you have the pet boarding business then it is essential for you to understand the proper requirement of the market and industry so that you can actually gain good success. And for this purpose of gaining success in your pet boarding business, here I am sharing with you some essential steps that you should follow in order to maximize the profits and growth of your pet boarding business in shortest period of time. These steps will definitely help you to make your business perfect and highly profitable for you.

Research about Industry Requirements: If you want to establish good dog or cat boarding Winnipeg then it is really very important step for you to follow. You should research all about the present industry requirement. You should see what kind of possibilities you can get in this business and you should analyses very deeply every single draw back and benefit of this business before you actually step ahead in this business process. You should make sure that you have all the proper details and facts about this business.

Understand The Best Services: You should understand not only opening procedure but also the service availabilities in this industry. Pet owners will definitely give their preference only to the best and most advanced dog boarding in Winnipeg because it will become the reason of trust for them and if you want to gain customer trust then it is really very important that you choose all the advanced services, technology and equipment in your pet boarding so that it could be the reason of customer attraction and preference.

Learn The Best Promotion Strategy: The promotion strategy that you will follow should be fool proof. You should try various promotional methods and variety of ways to promote your business because it is the only way that will help you to extend your customer circle. The more you will introduce your business in the market, the more customers you will make.

Make Service Best For Customers: The final step would be finalization and verification of best services in your pet boarding. You should check personally that all the available boarding services are best and your business staff should be good with customers so that you can get the advantage of complete customer satisfaction quite easily.

Author is a pet blogger who writes articles related to dog and cats. He recommends checking waldenway.com in case if you are in search for a reliable cat or dog boarding Winnipeg services.

Care Your Pets Using Cat Or Dog Boarding Winnipeg

Gone are the days when we most of the time left out our pets at home alone. Well, like humans, they also love having the proper attention of an owner and being an owner, you must think about your pet care all the time.

Today, we are lucky that we’ve got a lot of opportunities via which we can easily help our pets when we are out of the city or country. Yes, if you really love your pet, then instead of leaving it alone or to send any of your relative house, you must think about to send your pet to the safest and caring place. So, would you like to know where you can send your lovable pet and what kind of facilities you can expect to have for your pet, must check out here.

For your dog, dog boarding Winnipeg – Waldenway is available, which is the best source in providing quality accommodation to your pets. Yes, all you just need to meet up the team and you will realize that your pet is all safe and will love to stay there. It is a perfect boarding for your pet, where your pet will get everything and what you expect to have. Let’s check out why this source is very famous and in what ways it serves to your pet. Here they are-

Hygienic, spacious and comfortable accommodation : Once you will check out the bunkhouse where your pet will stay, you will surely amaze to see as well as satisfied with all the facilities they arranged for your pet. You will surely feel that the accommodation place is completely safe, no pet can easily clash, very hygienic, very spacious and good for ventilation. Your pet will surely not feel suffocated and will spend all the time happily.

Quality and proper feeding : Undoubtedly, the same source is known for providing great food to your pet and that will be on time. They must ask from the owners if there is any special instruction in regards to the food and its timings, however, they will surely follow your all the instructions and will assure you that your pet won’t get any sort of problem.

Private outdoor and recreation facilities : Yes, private outdoor is there, so that no other animal attacks to your pet. This is the best thing and in this way your pet won’t feel like it is a cage and can’t move out for running and playing games. One personal assistant always there to serve your pet, hence don’t worry at all as your pet will surely be happy to walk, run and do anything to have a perfect time.

Apart from this, you can also expect to have a separate cat boarding Winnipeg, and all the facilities which a dog is having will be given to your cat.

So, don’t think much and must go to the same for more details.

Tips on How to Set Up Professional Dog Boarding Business

If you are really caring and highly concerned about your pets, then you must be knowing well about how important is to get dog boarding services for them. Due to high demand of these services the pet boarding is getting one of the most profitable businesses all around the world.

The business of dog boarding is filled with profits of various kinds. You can expect really very good fortune if you have decided to do this business in the right manner. There are so many ways of doing this business but the right and most profitable way to do this business is to develop an appeal that will drag customers to your business automatically. There are so many ways to do this but here I am sharing with you some of the most effective ways which will help you to establish successful pet boarding business within your budget.

Understand the market: First and most important thing that you should consider doing when you will step in your pet boarding business is the proper analysis of the industry market. You should understand the expectation and working procedures of the market so that you can make sure that you will get good results of your efforts that you will do for your business development and success in the future.

Proper strategy development: You should analyze every possible way for giving your business instant success and then you should make a final strategy that will help your dog boarding bloom instantly. This strategy should be focused on your skills, possibilities, budget and other important aspects so that you can follow the strategy without any problem in the future. It is really very important to make a proper strategy but the most important thing to make it working for the business is to actually fit the strategy in your business so that your business can be benefited from the strategy.

Expert and specialized services: The services that you are offering in the pet boarding should never be old and out dated. You should always make sure that you know what you are doing. You should focus on best and advanced services so it is important that you give your preference to the expert and specialized services in your boarding for pets. This is the really very good business enhancement option for you because this will definitely become attraction magnet for every single person who is looking for the pet boarding for their pets.

Excellent customer care and pet care: Most important thing that you should never miss in the Waldenway service is the efficiency of customer service and pet care in your boarding for pets. If you want your business to bloom then it is your duty to give proper assurance to the pet owners that their pets will be safe and highly comfortable at the boarding and this is possible only with the right customer care and pet care services.

What are the Benefits of Considering Pet Boarding Services?

The pet care requirement is increasing day by day. And it is because there are so many people who have pet but most of them do not actually have time to take care of their pets personally. In fact, some pet owners could not even see their pets daily due to their regular travels and tours for business or personal purposes.

Well, no matter what the purpose might be but if any pet owner faces such problems then the Pet boarding services can be the best solution for them because boarding services for pet offers complete pet care without pet owner’s attention. This service is highly preferred because it offers complete mental rest to the pet owner and complete comfort and care to the pet. There are numerous benefits of Pet boarding services and here I am sharing with you some of them which will help you to understand the reason why this service is so popular all around the world.

The pet requires complete care and personal attention of pet owners but if the owners are not able to provide proper care and good attention to the pets then the Pet boarding will fulfill this pet requirement for your pet. Here a pet gets complete care and proper attention by the staff as well as by the other pets which helps your pet to stay happy and healthy all the time. The Medication is most important requirement which should never be neglected. And if you think that you are not able to take your pet to proper time to time medication then you should definitely consider taking your pet for the boarding for dogs. Here your pet will get all the necessary medication regularly which will help your pet to stay healthy and strong.

Every pet requires proper and regular Exercise which also demands personal time of pet owner because it is the responsibility of a pet owner to take the pet to the exercise at least for an hour. Well, if a pet owner is unable to spend that much time daily for the pet’s exercise then the Pet boarding should be preferred option for pet owner to fulfill this requirement of your pet. The pet grooming is also really very important thing which requires owner’s lots of time and also, it requires efficiency as well. So, it would be better if you choose professionals for this purpose so that the pet can get best grooming Manitoba services all the time. And you will get professional grooming service in the Pet boarding.

And most importantly, regularity of food and time to time change in the food according to pet’s changing requirement should be properly taken care of. It could be hard for the pet owners because it requires proper observation of the pet and again, it requires lots of time so the pet boarding service would be the best option for you where you can get the perfect solution of this issue.

Author writes a blog related to pets and tips on grooming them best. He recommends checking out waldenway.com for getting the best grooming Manitoba services. They are highly reliable and offer the best services at an affordable price.