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Serious Reasons For Grooming Your Dog

Serious Reasons For Grooming Your Dog

Many dog owners believe that grooming is done solely for aesthetic purposes. While this is true, dog grooming can also keep at bay several health issues and promote a clean home. After all, who enjoys having dog hair all over the place? It doesn’t matter if you have a dog with short hair or long hair because every dog should enjoy some pet grooming. It is very important to teach your dog with the grooming process from a very early age so that it will consider it a normal part of the routine and allow you to check its coat, ears, eyes, and teeth to make sure that everything is alright.

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Dog grooming will allow you to help it shed its dead coat, which means less hair that will randomly fall all over the place. Also, regular grooming will promote a shiny coat, will enhance blood circulation at skin level, and will allow you to notice if the dog starts having any skin issues, like rashes or allergies. Allowing the dog’s fur to get all tangled is not a good idea, because removing wads is uncomfortable and painful, not to mention that they can create several skin problems, like irritation, itchiness, and soreness. Plus, a coat that is not groomed will start to accumulate dust and will start smelling in a bad manner, which is not going to be pleasant for you either.

Also, if you plan on using services of boarding for dogs, there are changes for the dog kennel not to allow your dog in if it is in a poor condition or has skin issues. They have to protect the rest of the dogs that are housed in the facility. So, as a dog owner, you need to do your best to keep your furry friend in a great health condition. Such a habit will give the two of you to bond and strengthen the relationship you have, although it is highly recommended to groom your dog when he is in a calm and relaxed state of mind. This way, it will associate grooming with a pleasant activity and won’t have anything against it. The sooner you start grooming your puppy, the better it will be, especially if you plan taking it to professional pet groomers later on. The routine you will accustom the dog with at home will help it be calm and relaxed at the grooming salon as well, becoming a dog that it is easy to work with.

Thus, dog grooming is a way to ensure that your dog is in a great shape, by checking its body for lumps, bumps, external parasites, or anything out of the ordinary. Also, check its paws, to make sure that the hair there isn’t tangled or that there aren’t any other problems. You should take a look at its ears and eyes as well. The eyes should be bright and clear and the ears should be odorless and without any dirt or grime in them. If they present dirt and grime, they should be cleaned with adequate solutions. If the problem persists, you should visit the vet because the ear or eye may be infected.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/.

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The Importance of Grooming your Pet

The Importance of Grooming your Pet

Do you really think that pet grooming is just about the looks? If you think so, you’d better think again. There are several health issues you could manage or avoid by simply grooming your pet, not to mention that this healthy habit will mean a cleaner and lovelier pet. If you are not sure how to properly care for your pet so that you will keep it in a good state of health, you may find the following lines useful. Whether you are a first-time pet owner or you own a pet for a while, it won’t hurt reading this information because you will find out extremely valuable details about correct pet grooming.

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1. Grooming the fur

Grooming the fur of your pet will eliminate the incidence of hairballs to form and will keep your home cleaner. While it is normal for cats to vomit or eliminate hairballs in their litter box, because they do tend to groom themselves rather often, you should know that it is not safe to let them ingest too much hair. If the cat ends up ingesting a larger quantity of hair, the hairball that forms in its intestines can create severe blockages, and, thus, health problems, hence cat boarding and grooming will be the best you can do. It is true that dogs don’t suffer than often because of hairballs, but it can happen. It doesn’t matter if your pet has short or long hair, brushing it with an adequate brushing tool several times per week will ensure a good hygiene and cleanliness.

2. Taking care of the ears and eyes

Whether it’s a cat or a dog the ears and eyes of the pet should be closely inspected as often as possible, so you can notice if there is anything wrong in a timely manner. Healthy eyes should be clear, shiny, and have a moist appearance. There shouldn’t be any cloudiness, redness, or irritation when looking into the eyes of your pet. Also, make sure you check the ears as well. Pets that have floppy ears tend to be more prone to developing ear conditions because dust can accumulate on the inside and cause trouble.

So, flip the ear of your pet, if the case, and look inside. They should not be red or inflamed, present debris accumulation, or have a foul smell. If they do, you need to visit the vet’s office because your pet may deal with an ear infection. Healthy ears should not have any particular smell and should be soft pink. Do know that there are liquid cleaners for your pet’s ears, which can be used as a precaution method. Choose the best pet grooming center for your pets because they are expert with experience and authorized for a proper pet grooming in Winnipeg area if you are you looking for the one.

3. Clipping the nails

If your pet enjoys a lot of activity, it may not need claw clipping. But, pets that spend quite a while indoors, especially cats, may need to have their claws clipped periodically. If your pet’s nails grow too long, they may cause problems, like hurting the inner paw. Nail clipping can be easily done at home, although you’ll have to be careful not to cut in too deep because you may cause the nail to bleed. If this operation scares you, the vet or a pet groomer can help you out.

4. Brushing the teeth

Cleaning the teeth of your pet will make sure that it will have its teeth as it advances in age, being able to eat right. The ideal scenario would be to brush your pet’s teeth every day, but if that’s just too hard to achieve, once or twice a week is also good. You can find special toothpaste and toothbrush for pets at any pet store. Also, do know that a Q-tip is usually better tolerated by most pets than a regular pet toothbrush because it doesn’t look that big and scary.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/.

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Important Things To Know About Your New Puppy

Important Things To Know About Your New Puppy

Did you just pick your puppy and you are soon going to bring it home? Well, that’s great news, but, if you are new to being a dog parent, there are some things you may want to know first. These details will help you be better prepared and know what to expect once the puppy arrives in his forever home.

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To start with, you should have your house prepared with the essential items needed for a young puppy. You will need to get a bed, bowls for food and water, adequate food for the age of the puppy, training pads, and a few toys. Besides this, if you want, you can also buy some shampoo, a collar, leash, and anything else you may consider helpful. Also, you may want to find some information about the local pet groomers. There are a few pet groomers in Winnipeg and getting to know what services they offer may be more than useful later on, as your puppy grows.

The best way to introduce your puppy into his new home is to bring him in the morning. So pick a day when you are available to get the puppy in the morning and be around the house for the rest of the day. Weekends are the best because you get to spend quite a while with the puppy and not let him home alone so soon, as it may get scared and anxious. You can also ask for help with the service providers of pet grooming in Winnipeg area if you live nearby.

Thus, the puppy will have all day at his disposal to explore the surroundings and get familiar with the new environment. Just make sure not to have any guests over in these few first days, to make sure that the puppy will accommodate as fast as possible with his new place and family. Also, do have in mind that the puppy will watch your behavior and act as you do, as an instinct to follow the pack, so make sure to remain calm, gentle, positive, and assertive when needed.

The fist night or nights can be quite stressful for the new puppy, because it will be the first time he will be away from his mother and siblings. So, do expect some whining or crying. Some puppies do this for one night only, while others will slowly whine for a few more, but they will be over soon, as your puppy becomes more and more comfortable in your home. To make sure the puppy’s transition happens as smoothly as possible and minimize the crying at night, put the puppy’s bed in your bedroom or at least at the door of your bedroom, so he will not feel alone. Checking on the puppy and comforting him will make him cry less, so do have a bit of patience in the first few nights.

As a precaution method for the future, you should also do some research concerning the dog boarding kennels in the area, just in case you will have to leave home for an extended period. Dog boarding is a great solution for not leaving your puppy or dog home alone for long periods, because it may be harming for them. Also, do note that some pet boarding centers provide cat boarding services as well, in case you are a cat owner. So, whether you are looking for services of dog grooming in Winnipeg or dog boarding, it is recommended to do your homework in advance, so you will be sure that your pet will be treated as it deserves.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/.

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3 Most Important Advantages of Boarding and Daycare for Dogs


Many dog owners don’t consider dog boarding and daycare services for their pets because they consider that their companion will be safer and feel better at home. But, is it really so? If you are a person that works pretty much the entire day, your dog ends up spending a lot of time home alone.

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Dogs are active creatures, so they tend to get bored rather fast when they are alone, which usually leads to problems because they end up being destructive. That’s not their way of revenging on you because you left them alone, it is their way of saying that they got terribly bored, so they found new activities that are usually to your detriment. Also, many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which also leads to unhealthy habits and destructive behavior. So do consider daycare services and boarding for dogs.

1. Your dog is supervised at all times

One of the biggest advantages of putting your dog in dog kennels, Boarding places or daycare center throughout the day, while you are at work or away, is that professional staff will keep an eye on your pet all the time. It’s not like your dog will be let loose to fend for itself. The grounds of the center are properly fenced so it will be safe, but staff members will always watch the dogs they have to care for to make sure everything is fine, pretty much like in a children kindergarten. This is very useful in the case of dogs with separation anxiety, which needs a lot of attention and care to feel safe and comfortable. It is better this way than to be left alone at home without any kind of supervision.

2. It gets to work out by playing and running outside

Another great advantage is that your dog will get to play and unroll physical activities, instead of being locked inside the house. Of course, not all dog boarding facilities and daycare centers have special areas designated for play or play groups, so you may want to check this aspect before boarding your dog. At the end of the day, you will get back a dog that has been exercised and will be much calmer inside the house, a perfect companion for the entire family. You can also take a look at Pet groomers in Winnipeg for your pet grooming.

3. A great place for socialization

Socialization is a key factor in your dog’s education. For this, you have to introduce to your dog as many dogs and other animals as possible, starting at a young age. This way the dog will not develop in time an aggressive behavior towards other dogs and animals. If you don’t have sufficient time to take your dog to public dog playgrounds or parks, boarding and daycare centers are a great alternative. Here, your dog will get the chance to meet other dogs and play together, which will help your furry friend develop into a gentle and friendly dog. The constant presence of other dogs at the boarding facility or daycare center will keep your dog happy, friendly, and in a good mood because dogs are, after all, pack animals.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/.

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Type Of Cremation For Pets


For people that live in the city, cremation would be the best option when their beloved pet is gone, being much more accessible than the pet cemetery and allowing the owner to keep the pet memory alive in his home. It will be just another high-quality service, just like the best services of pet grooming in Winnipeg you’ve been using until now because you wanted only the best for your four-legged companion.

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Now, when it comes to cremation, you should know that there are four types you can choose from. You may consider that it may be too early to think about it, but it is best to know the available options, so you can be ready when the inevitable will happen.

1. Services for private pet cremation

This type of the best choice if you want to keep your companion’s memory alive, by having its remains safely transferred into an urn. This is possible because your pet will be placed alone in the cremation chamber, without being mixed with any other pets. It would be just like boarding for dogs, your loyal pet having his own room so it can pass into eternity peacefully.

2. Communal pet cremation

This is the cheapest method of cremation because your pet will be placed in a chamber with all the other animals that will be cremated as well. If you want to get its remains after the procedure, they will most certainly be mixed up with the remains of other animals as well. Still, it remains an easier and more accessible option.

3. Individual cremation

If you want to keep the remains of your beloved pet, but you can’t afford the price of a private cremation, you can opt for an individual cremation. Your furry companion will be placed with other animals in the same chamber but will have its own place so that the remains will not mix together. This way, you know that the urn will contain the memory of your pet and nothing else. You probably want to know you dog safe just like when you were using the Winnipeg kennels, each time you had to leave for short trips.

4. Viewing cremation

For this option, the family of the cremated pet and even close friends has the chance to witness the cremation process. It is a personal choice and an opportunity to say a last goodbye to your loyal member of the family. The viewing will be made by sitting in a separate chamber, next to the cremation room. Still, if you want such a service, make sure the crematory you are choosing can offer it because not all crematories have such a chamber for viewing.

When you chose the best pet groomers in Winnipeg, you wanted for your pet to look outstanding. When you opted for services like cat boarding in Winnipeg, you knew where to find the best. So consider cremation as the best final service you can offer to your pet, which also gives you the chance to keep a proof of its existence close to you.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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The Guide That Will Help You In Train Your Cat or Cat Boarding


It is generally known that cats are independent beings, not being too fond of training, in comparison with dogs. Still, you can train if you use the right techniques. Cats can become interested in learning something, if what they are doing is fun. It is true that you may need to be patient to see some results, but doing this will strengthen the bond between you and your cat. You can always choose a cat boarding service if you think the cat is spending too much time alone, but it would be great if you could be a part of the training as much as possible. The following guidelines will show you how.

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1. Use rewards while training

Dogs are interested in a wide range of rewards at the time of dog boarding,  like getting a pet or a favorite toy. Cats, on the other hand, are more difficult when it comes to grabbing their attention. Still, food is a reward that works every time in their case. See what their favorite treat is and use it to train your cat. But, do be careful about the cat’s feeding, because too many treats at dinner as well may make your her fat.

2. Things that should be avoided

Never punish your cat because it forgot what it has to do, it gets distracted during the training session, or becomes too excited about the treat and cannot focus. If this happens, just go back a bit with the training, and reward the desired behavior. Also, don’t make the training sessions too long. A few minutes now and then are fine, as the cat won’t get bored. Such Pet grooming is best for your pets.

3. Use a clicker for the training session

A clicker is very cheap and can be found at any pet store. To use it, you must make the cat associate it with a treat. So use the click and give her a treat when it reacts to the sound. Once the clicker means the treat for the cat, make it work to get the click and reward. The next step would be to click when the desired behavior is unrolled by the cat while delaying the treat. Delay the treat with two, three, even four responses, depending on how far along you are with the cat’s training. Pet grooming in Winnipeg also includes boarding for dogs, cat boarding and dog kennels, so that you can have so many options for your pet.

4. How to make your cat respond to your call

Would you like for your cat to come when you call it? Use treats this time as well, by placing one in front of the cat and saying its name. You will have to do this for a few times until she gets familiar with the exercise. Slowly, increase the distance while doing this, until you reach the other room or manage to call the cat from across the house.

Training her is not that difficult but it requires patience and very many treats. Just keep in mind that punishments do not work with cats, so if you use them, your cat will never want to obey you, as it will be afraid of being punished. If you are interested in cat boarding, check out the cat boarding services in Winnipeg as they have all the conditions your pet needs. These services include the best pet groomers in Winnipeg, to make sure your cat looks great at all times.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/.

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The Top Pet Grooming and Daycare Centers in Winnipeg


The pet grooming and daycare centers in Winnipeg offers a suitable and excellent service for pet lovers. The following are the best places that offer pet grooming in Winnipeg if you need someone to take care of your pet while you are away:

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1. The Canine Social Company
The dog would be completely overwhelmed by the kind of love and care that would be showered it by this daycare and boarding company. You don’t need to worry about your dog being caged because this daycare is cage-free. There is also a “spa” where your dog can have access to the variety of services like bathing, brushing, and a full grooming service.

2. Woof & Shloof
This is another very good day care service. They are located in Ste. Anne and has per hour, half-day or full day dog grooming depending on your needs. The dog will be shown full love and care. Detangling, shampooing, trimming and breed specific grooming are not picked by this grooming company.

3. UrbanDog
This is an indoor-outdoor day care center. There are numerous other dogs that the dog would be able to relate and play with. Depending on the weather, there are also splash pools where the dog can play in. There are also different kinds of toys with which the dog can have maximum fun with. Another cool thing about this day care center is that you can access live webcam feed where you can check up on your dog at any time to see how it is fairing. Full pet grooming service is also available.

4. It’s a Dog’s life
This fully air-conditioned daycare facility with an area of 2,000 square foot is a perfect place for dogs. It doesn’t matter how long or short you want to leave your dog, it’s a dog’s life offers both Daycare and boarding services. They also offer grooming, blow-dries, with baths, nail clipping, and brushing services.

5. Woof!
For people living or working in Winnipeg, Woof! Is the perfect place for you to drop your dog. Everything your dog might need to feel comfy ranging from Toys, a fenced outdoor playing ground, beds etc. is available at here. They are into pick up and drop off of a dog as well as daily dog walks. They also offer full makeover services for dogs ranging from nail clipping to other cat grooming and dog grooming services.

6. Uberdog
It has been doing extremely well in making their facilities a very standardized one. It has daycare centers at different locations in Leslieville and midtown. You can drop your dog at a midtown location if you would be away for more than a day or take it to Urbandog ranch in Baltimore, Ontario for it to have a nice vacation of its own. Full grooming services are available at the spas in midtown and the ranch.


7. Fetch
It is located at Dundas west and offer services that make it better than usual retail destinations. They offer overnight dog boarding kennels and daycare services and also takes the dog for daily work in local parks. With an area of 15,000 square foot, Fetch offers the total freedom and an avenue to run and have fun to the maximum. All services like bathing and hairstyling are offered by this grooming center.

9. Tailwaggers
Tailwaggers is ideal for short term need because they offer services ranging from two hours, half day and full day services only. With an area of 2,400 square foot, the pooch is free to run around and also play with the numerous toys around. There is a spa on the ground where your dog gets all the services it deserves.

10. Doggieland
You can take your dog to any of the branches of Doggieland for grooming or care services. In other to make things less stressful for people within 4km, the branches at Winnipeg offer pick-up and delivery services. Doggieland offer longer pet grooming services, and dental and facial care.

11. Pet Social
The two branches of Pet Social are very close to Harbourfront. Regardless how long or short you would be away, you don’t need to worry about where you would put your dog as they offer both pet boarding and daycare services. All services ranging from pedicures to tail grooming are covered by their Grooming center.

12. Spa
Spa is a perfect place if you live around Ste. Anne is. They offer boarding, daycare and pet grooming services. Bath tidy, bath and brush and full grooming are the three types of grooming that are offered in this center. They also offer pick-up and delivery services to reduce the stress on you.


1. Timmie Doggie Outfitters
When it comes to grooming, Timmie Doggie Outfitters are experts. They have branches in Leslieville and West Queen West. They would help your dog look amazing and prepare in all ways for Woofstock and other events. They offer pedicures, de-matting, and medicated pools among other services.

2. SPAW Boutique
They offer both cat and pet grooming which is perfect if you have both. Nail clipping, bathing, styling and other standard services are offered in SPAW Boutique. They also offer some extra services like top knots with bows and nail polishing.

3. Happy trails
They are both cat and dog makeover. They focus on short specific services like the styling, shampooing and hair cutting.

4. Pawfect Spa
They are located in Rosedale and offer grooming services that would turn your dog into a complete beauty. In addition to a full grooming service, Pet hair coloring, and nail clipping some of the la carte services that are offered. They also got you covered if you are the busy type by offering pick-up and delivery services.

5. Cosmopawlitan
Is the perfect grooming service company to call when you want to transform your pet from not-so-good-looking to fab. It is located in Harbourfront. Their grooming services include, bath and, hair coloring, haircuts, nail trimming, that would prepare your rough- looking dog for events like Westminster Kennel Club show.

6. My dog spot
This grooming company is located in 33161 PR 210 West. They offer services for all kinds of dogs. It offers la carte services like nail clipping, brushing and ear cleaning. It also offers full services of grooming in Winnipeg.

Dog Boarding

7. Paws in the Bath
They offer different grooming services for dogs like single and full grooming services. Nail polishing, coat, and teeth treatment are some of the services offered by this company. You can also clean your canine yourself at the DIY wash station located at this company.

8. Tailspin Dog Spa
The groomers at tailspin Dog Spa would turn that dirty hair into a neat and pretty one. They offer both standalone and full pet grooming services that would turn the rough looking dog into a smooth-looking one. They offer other services like ear and nail maintenance.

9. The Groomery
This grooming shop is located in Corktown. It does nail trimming, bath, and brushes and also offer full grooming service. In other to ensure that the best service is rendered to each dog, they set aside 3-4 hours for each appointment.

10. The Dog Market
This groomer is located in one of the highest populated pet location; the beaches. Your dog will feel very much at home in this grooming center. They offer full service and other services like hypoallergenic treatments and teeth cleaning.

11. Planet Dog
This grooming shop is located at Upper Beaches. They have raw food options and stylish pet wear, and also offer canine makeover for all kinds of breeds. They also offer full grooming services, a bathing, and towel dry service.

12. Sit Stay Dog Emporium
Melanie, who has gathered over a decade of experience, is the only groomer at Sit Stay Dog Emporium. This ensures that your dog is being taken care of by a reliable and experienced groomer. You can inquire online about the price of their full grooming service.


1. Unleashed in the city
They are situated in Ossington. They offer both overnight and Playcare services for canines. Socialization, field trips and a bit of learning are inputted into the Playcare to organize it in form of a school setting. With a large area of land to play and love and care showered on the pooch, this groomer ensures that your pet has a nice time. Dogs in boarding have the same fun like dogs in the Playcare.

2. A Leg Up
Regardless of how long you need your dog to be taken care of, A Leg up is up to the job. They offer both dog boarding and daycare services. You can also hire one of the employees to stay with your four-legged companion while you are away.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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Pet Grooming Guide While Going For a Vacation


If you’re preparing for a holiday trip this holiday season, don’t leave your pets behind! Whether the puppy is a lively one, or an aged cat or maybe a more colorful pet – most times, people forget to make proper pet grooming arrangement when preparing for a vacation.Visit Our Website

If you are planning a vacation, there are two usual pet care options – a kennel or a pet sitter. Both have their advantages and disadvantages based on the factors below:


A kennel may not help if you are the type that travels often, or you travel for the longer duration of time. On the other hand, pet sitting services or pet grooming also has to do with providing personal care for your pet in your absent right in the comfort of a familiar environment and routines. Because they are aware that they are not supposed to leave the house, your pets nervousness is gone down when they see you leave with your box.


The dogs can be very excited about the boarding experience during their early years. Cage-free boarding offers small dogs huge exercise experience and playtime with other puppies or cat – involving in cat boarding as well — it’s just like camping! But as continue to age, their strength begins to change, at this point; they feel just okay staying at home. As your pets grow older, relocating them to a different home or new surrounding can be difficult and sometimes raises their restlessness. But employing in-home care for elderly pets might offer them the close attention they require and also gives you rest of mind.


When selecting a sitter for your pet, it is necessary to employ an expert with experience and authorized for a proper pet grooming in Winnipeg. Always do a thorough check and develop a work-back plan just in case something happens or your sitter’s plan for the day changes. When assessing a pet-sitter, make a list of essential questions regarding former work experience and ask for directions. It is equally necessary to plan a ‘playdate’ involving your potential sitter and puppy. Your pet sitter should probably take a walk and then maintain some few distance behind them to watch your dog and the pet sitter’s attitude. If something goes wrong, pay attention to your instincts and keep observing.

Right Choice

Traveling with your four-legged pet can be a brilliant choice especially for those intending to take their pet through a pet grooming process, which is similar to employing a pet sitter to handle your pet. Allowing your pet play around and mix up with other animals is a significant role you should play as a pet owner because it permits him or her to associate with other animals, take pleasure in pleasant carousing, and acclimatize with changes by switching to new places. Cage-free dog boarding or cat boarding facilities make your pet to feel free and secure, coupled with the wide space for playing around. Many dogs enjoy every fun and entertainments that come with their fellow puppies at the dog race, but they equally require downtime. Ensure you get a boarding facility that offers a platform for both friendly and group activities.


An important question for any dog-owner concerning boarding or in-house care is ‘what will my dog be doing every day?’ Now this is what you should do if you seek to plan for daycare, sketch a schedule and review it with your sitter. Make sure you add up the feeding time and style of your dog, plus walk program, medical information, training requirements and routines for bedtime and playtime. Furthermore, create an emergency schedules adding needful contact mobile numbers and emergency meeting centers.

If you decide to go for a kennel, ensure you inquire from the Winnipeg kennels for outlines daily activities and roles of your animal including its association with interaction with other animal and with the Winnipeg kennel workers — and the duration and how often. It is important that the boarding facility links your pet with others of like nature and provides constant playtime exercise rotation all through the day. When observing at diverse kennels, view the number of dogs that are inside the kennel. Too much crowding can result in violent behavior, which might lead to a complicated situation for everyone including you and your dog. Before thinking of boarding, ensure your pet has taken the necessary medications, such as rabies, and provide a spay/neuter confirmation.

Whether you select in-home pet care or you go for the right kennel, you should be free to leave with the hope that your dog’s care turns into love and attention.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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Dog and Cat Grooming Services in Winnipeg

Pet Groomers in Winnipeg

When it comes to keeping your dog looking its best, there’s no better solution than to take them to a quality dog groomer. Dog grooming in Winnipeg can be a great way to treat your dog to some pampering, while helping them practice great hygiene. Plus, they’ll look great when it’s over! Cat Boarding and Dog Boarding can feel overwhelming when we think about putting our beloved pets in the hands of someone else. But, being away from time to time is natural, and whether you’re on vacation, need to be somewhere for work, etc., chances are at some point, you’ll have to make a decision to put your pet in someone else’s care for a short time. Take a closer look at what you can do before boarding your pet, to make for a better experience for everyone.

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What can you expect from dog grooming, exactly? Well, different groomers offer different services, so it’s important to do your research ahead of time when it comes to finding a groomer that fits your specific needs, and the needs of your dog. Some dog boarding services even offer grooming as one of their specialties, so if you take your pet to a dog kennel, be sure to ask about their possible grooming services. Boarding for dogs can be a great way to keep your pet safe while you’re away, and if they offer grooming, it can be a bonus!

But, what do the official dog groomers actually do? Just about anything you might be able to think of when it comes to truly pampering your pet. Typically, it starts with shampooing and washing the dog from head to toe, followed by towel and blow-drying, brushing, and even styling, depending on the dog.

Some dog groomers will brush your dog’s teeth, clip their toenails, etc. Services like these can sometimes cost extra, but if you’re looking for a full day of pampering for your pooch, it’s a great option you can take advantage of.

Pet grooming in Winnipeg isn’t just a vanity solution, either – it actually can provide great health benefits for your dog! For example, regular brushing alone can allow your dog a healthier coat, and skin. If fur goes unbrushed for too long, it can cause matting, and that can be uncomfortable, and even painful for dogs. Many dog groomers can also use specialty shampoos or products if your dog has a skin condition, or needs specific care. That way, you can make sure your four-legged friend is getting the gentle solutions they need for healthy skin, and a healthy, shiny coat!

One of the most important things you can do, as a dog owner, is to find a groomer that not only provides the services you want, but a groomer you can really trust. Luckily, that’s easier to do nowadays than ever before, thanks to the Internet. Try looking up reviews on some local dog groomers, and find out what other people might be saying about them. It’s a great way to figure out if you can trust them or not. You can also ask specific groomers for their credentials, as most groomers have to be certified to do what they do.

Giving your dog a full day of pampering, whether you take them specifically to a groomer, or to a kennel, can be a great way for them to feel refreshed, and look their best. You’ll love the health benefits that go along with it, and the knowledge that your dog is comfortable, is feeling great, and is happy!

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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Things to Remember for Pet Grooming in a Modern Way


For many years, people have considered cats and dogs to be a part of their families, but the trend seems to be growing more than ever before that these furry family members get a taste of a more ‘luxurious’ lifestyle. People are treating their pets better than ever, and they don’t want to step away from that just because they need to leave their pet at a kennel. That’s why luxury kennels for Dog boarding and Cat boarding are offering superior products and services are becoming more popular than ever. What should you expect from a luxury kennel and what can kennel owners do to step up to the plate, and offer the best services around? Let’s take a closer look.

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Clothes & Grooming

Clothes for dogs are becoming especially popular, and go so far beyond typical t-shirts. Everything from crowns to tiaras and hats to fancy dresses or ‘suits’ are being presented as luxury items to dogs. It is no longer simply used for functionality. Rather, it is seen as a necessary accessory when it comes to showing off your dog’s personality.

Pet grooming in Winnipeg has changed over the years, too – again, it’s less about function, and more about fashion. Dogs no longer just need baths and brushing. Instead, they are expected to get the spa-style treatment, from ‘manicures’ to professional hair styling. Some kennels are even offering temporary (safe) dog tattoos that owners can choose for their four-legged friends. Many Dog kennels are hiring professional groomers to stay on site to make sure their canine guests receive high-quality grooming while they’re there.

Dining & Fitness

Many kennels are turning away from classic kibble for cats and dogs, because pet owners want something better. This doesn’t necessarily mean serving filet mignon every night, but most pet owners want to make sure that their companions are receiving high-quality, nutritious food at all times, made from real, whole ingredients. If you own a kennel, using the best quality food can be a great marketing incentive.

And of course, if pets are going to be eating well, they’ll need to have a fitness regimen as well! It’s not enough to simply walk a dog once a day. Luxury kennels are now featuring things like aquatic aerobics for dogs, and even dedicated fitness centers within the kennel grounds. It’s important for pet owners to know their animals are getting enough exercise, even while they’re away.

Keeping In Touch

Perhaps one of the most important luxury innovations is the use of things like webcams, so owners can keep track of their dogs and cats while they’re staying at the kennel. Each individual kennel should have a camera set up, that can be linked to the web so owners can check in at any time. You may be surprised how important this is to pet owners, but think about it – wouldn’t you like to know what your dog or cat is doing while you’re missing them? It’s a great way to ensure accountability, and give dog and cat owners peace of mind when it comes to checking in on their furry friends.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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