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5 Important Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Dog Boarding


Dog boarding facilities are a very good solution when you have to leave home and cannot take your dog with you or when you’re companion spends too much time home alone. If you want to know your pet safe regardless of time of day or night, a reliable dog kennel will provide a nice shelter, companionship, and everything your dog needs to have a comfortable stay.

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Even if you have a cat, not a dog, there are facilities that provide cat boarding services as well, having a special section where the felines will feel at home. Still, if you want everything to be free of troubles, there are a few mistakes many pet owners do when it comes to dog boarding, which should be avoided.

1. Ignoring what your gut is telling you

Do not ever put your dog in a boarding facility without doing some proper research in advance. If you visit a dog boarding facility and you sense that there is something fishy about it, then it may be very well true. If you notice that there is something bothering you, if you don’t like the way the staff talks, behaves, or interacts with the other animals in the boarding facilities, then you’d better keep looking. If you don’t feel safe or comfortable in a place, neither will your dog.

2. Not making any kind of plan

Just like anything else in this world, a facility with great services and conditions tend to fill up rather quickly. So if you found a dog kennel that you consider ideal, book a kennel for your pet as soon as you know that you’ll be away. This way you will make sure that you have the matter covered instead of running around trying to find a place where you can house your dog for a while. And last minute decisions are never too good, so avoid them by always making a plan well ahead.

3. Not being aware of the drop off and pick up hours

Before you even take your dog to a dog boarding facility, you should know the drop off and pick up hours. This works pretty much in the same way hotels do with their guests, to delimitate their period of staying in the hotel. So, do know when you can drop off your dog at the dog kennels and, in particular, do know when to pick it up. Arriving later than the pick-up hour may mean additional fees for you. This may happen the same in the case of dog grooming services, so make sure you know the schedule right.

4. Having a vaccination scheme out of date

Vaccines are very important if you want your dog to be accepted at a dog boarding facility, so make sure that you have an up-to-date vaccination scheme. Without all the required vaccines, as recommended by the vet, your dog will not be accepted in a dog kennels, because he may get sick by catching a virus from the others or may bring in the kennel a dangerous virus as well.

5. Packing too much or not packing at all

There are some pet owners that may be capable of packing all the items of their dogs when boarding them, just to make sure that they are comfortable and that they have everything they need. Well, you don’t have to overdo it, but you should not under pack either. The essential kit for your dog when boarding should be a collar, leash, the dog’s bed or favorite blanket, a pet grooming tool if preferred, and, most important, the dog’s medicine if the case.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com.

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How Old Should Your Dog Be For Being Accepted At A Dog Kennel?

How Old Should Your Dog Be For Being Accepted At A Dog Kennel

Are you a new pet owner or you already have a dog and consider daycare services for your companion? Well, you should know that there are age limits for dogs when it comes to being accepted at a dog kennel, out of safety measures and for being able to provide best daycare services for your dog. So, if you are seriously thinking to use the benefits of dog boarding services while you are away at work during the day, not leaving your companion home alone for so many hours anymore, you need to learn more about age limits in these dog daycare facilities. There are the minimum age and maximum age that makes your dog eligible or not for being accepted in such a facility.

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In the case of puppies, regardless of their breed, the dog needs to be at least 4 months old. There is a very good reason for setting this limit at 4 months of age because by this time the puppy should be done with the mandatory vaccination scheme. Thus, with other words, your puppy will be immune to dangerous viruses and be being vaccinated also gives everybody else the security that viruses will not enter the dog kennel, putting the safety of other dogs in danger. So, if you think about putting your puppy in a dog boarding kennels, you should not miss any vaccine and follow the instructions and recommendations provided by your vet, in order for your puppy to be admitted once it reaches the minimum age limit.

When it comes to the maximum age limit, it depends from one dog kennel to another. Dog boarding facilities that can provide separate areas or private shelters for dogs, like in the case of an elder dog, may not have a maximum age limit. Regardless of how old your dog is and what is his health condition, your companion will be able to enjoy a calm and quiet space at the dog kennel. In boarding facilities where these private spaces are not available, there might be an age limit around 14 or 15 years old, because older dogs may be annoyed and stressed by the rest of the dogs. So, you should check out the services provided by each dog kennel and talk about these conditions, before choosing the one that meets your requirements. Doing some research before leaving your dog at a dog kennel will give you some peace of mind knowing that your pet will be well cared for where he is.

But, the best part when it comes to services of dog grooming in Winnipeg is that there is no age limit. You can take your dog to be pampered no matter how old he is. In fact, it is even recommended to take your dog to be groomed when he is still rather young, so he will get used to the process by the time he will need a hair clip or other grooming services, for easy maintenance, a clean home, and sharp looking companion.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/.

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How to Make Staying at the Kennel Stress-Free for your Dog


When a dog owner considers leaving his dog at the kennel, he thinks about housing him in a safe and welcoming environment while he is gone on a vacation or business travel. No one is taking their beloved companion at the dog kennel or any other kennel to endure stress and other negative experiences. Still, it is not easy for a dog to be in a new environment without his owner and family, the mere aspect of being apart creating stress and discomfort for your furry friend. So how to minimize stress when you have to take your dog at the dog kennels?

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How to start

It is best to prepare for dog boarding well before you’ll have to leave on your trip. This way, you will have time to make all the arrangements and make sure that you are choosing the best boarding services for your dog. So, check to see what dog boarding kennels are available in your area, schedule an appointment with the ones you consider most reliable, and visit them. Check out their conditions and see how the staff is treating the dogs that are there already. Also, talk to the staff about your dog, if he is social or not, if he is shy, or has other particularities that should be known and see how they react. Also, if this will be the first time for your dog in a boarding center, do consider doing a one-day trial, to see how the dog copes.

What is indicated to bring along

Before boarding your dog, make sure he has a collar with a dog tag on, with your info written on it. If your dog is on a special diet or has to take certain medications, don’t forget to bring them. Bring along your dog’s favorite toys, because they will keep him entertained and will remind him of home. His blanket or bed will do the same, so pack it as well. If your dog requires regular grooming, you can bring it its grooming tools, although you can check to see what boarding services has dog grooming in Winnipeg and make this task easier. There are great services of dog grooming in Winnipeg, so you may find kennels that collaborate with these services and offer them if requested.

Dos and don’t s

Fill in all the forms without missing anything, and leave your contact details for emergency calls, as well as the contacts of the vet you are collaborating with. Do not change the food of the dog with at least one week before boarding, because it may get an upset stomach during its stay at the kennels, increasing the stress levels. Vaccines, treatments for fleas and intestinal worms, and tick preventive treatments should be all done well before boarding your dog. And do be in a great mood when bringing your dog to the kennels. Don’t prolong your separation and try to be as cheerful as possible, so you don’t transmit worrying feelings to your dog.

What if the dog will forget its owner?

Don’t be silly! Dogs never forget their owners and family, not even if years pass and you don’t see each other. So how will the dog forget you if you just leave it at the kennels for a determined period? Don’t be worried about this, because your dog will be extremely happy when you will return and it will remember you for sure.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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5 Easy Ways To Get Your Dog Ready For Boarding


There are times when you may need to travel, for business or for a vacation, and you may not be able to take your beloved dog along. In such situations, you may want to consider dog boarding services, where your dog will be treated right and will have an enjoyable time as well. Such services are like vacation resorts for dogs, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

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Still, you shouldn’t leave this aspect for the last minute, because there are some things you need to do first to make sure that your dog will feel just fine during his vacation as well. Here are 5 easy way to get your furry friend ready for boarding.

1. See how things work during a boarding trial

If your dog was never in a dog kennel before or you weren’t separated until now, the change should be done gradually. Take a boarding trial that lasts for only 24 hours to allow the dog to meet and adjust the new environment. So, when you leave for good, the shock won’t be that great.

2. Make any necessary changes in the sleeping habits of the dog

Is the dog sleeping on your bed? Well, it may be time to change such habits and teach the dog to sleep by himself, in his bed. This will get him ready for dog boarding kennels when he won’t be able to sleep with you and he will need to consider his bed comfortable enough.

3. Use something that will make him feel comfy

Besides his bed and food bowls, do consider bringing along something that will remind him of home, like his favorite blanket and toys. The environment won’t be anything like home, so it would be very comforting for your dog to have something that will have familiar smells around. But, do see in advance if the boarding facility allows you to bring the dog’s bed or other objects in.

4. Take the dog to the boarding facility in the morning

It is always best to take the dog to the boarding facility in the morning because he will have the entire day to get adjusted and familiar with the area. Leaving him there at night can be quite scary for him, as he won’t understand why he can’t sleep at home and won’t have the time to look around either.

5. Pay a visit to the vet

Because your dog will be around other dogs as well, it is very important to be clean and not to carry any parasites. Treatments for de-flea and de-worm can be easily performed on the spot by the vet, to make sure that your dog is not a health danger for other. Also, you may want to look for services like grooming in Winnipeg, to get your dog in the best shape for boarding. You are getting ready for your vacation, so why not get your dog ready as well? A service of pet grooming in Winnipeg will clean and trim the coat of your dog if needed, so you will have him presentable not just for boarding but also for when you will get him back.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away, some of their pet services are cat boarding, boarding for dogs, pet grooming and they also have trained Pet groomers in Winnipeg to provide you the best service. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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Dog Boarding Options For Pet Parents To Consider


When you have to consider dog boarding, it’s never an easy decision to make. Utilizing a dog kennel for a member of the family just doesn’t seem appealing to some pet owners. Luckily, there are so many different options nowadays when it comes to finding care for your furry friend while you’re away. The face of dog boarding has truly changed, and there are not only plenty of options as to where you can leave your pet but plenty of features and services these places can provide – everything from pet grooming to special exercise routines. Let’s take a look at your options.

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Traditional Dog Kennels
It’s important to open your mind as to what dog kennels really are because they have gotten a huge update and upgrade in recent years. Dog grooming in Winnipeg has become a huge feature in most local kennels, but dog grooming is just the tip of the iceberg. Many kennels are now more like a vacation resort for dogs. They don’t have to spend every waking moment in a small cage. Most kennels have daily exercise programs, socialization, and more! If your dog has special needs, most kennels are happy to accommodate that. Some even have an in-house veterinarian, to make sure everyone is well taken care of. Don’t be afraid to do some research of your own on local kennels.

Dog-Sitting at Home
Many pet owners opt for in-home boarding or hiring a dog sitter to watch their pet while they are away. This can be a great option, as it allows your dog to stay within the comfort of their own home. The only thing to be careful with is the person you’re hiring for it. Not only are you inviting a stranger into your home, but you’re inviting them to take care of your pet, one on one. Be sure to check out references, and experience, before you ever hire a pet sitter to come into your home.

More Than Boarding
Many boarding options are now actually doubling as training schools. This can give your dog a chance to learn some new things while you’re away, from obedience techniques to some fun tricks! Putting your dog in a training program while you’re away can really help to keep their minds focused and active while you’re gone. That way, they won’t be bored and restless. You can expect all of the great traditional services a standard dog kennel provides, plus quality training to boot. It really is the best of both worlds.

Again, it’s never easy having to leave your dog behind for any reason, whether you have to spend the day away at work, or you’re on an extended trip. Thankfully, with so many quality options nowadays, you don’t have to worry as much about the kind of care your dog is getting. They can get in some exercise, meet some new friends, and even learn a few new tricks, all while you’re away from home!

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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In These Modern Days Animals Need Recreation Too

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Grooming Manitoba

We tend to be selfish towards our happiness and recreation. We plan international tours for our families and friends. We spend millions of dollars for our leisure and entertainment but when it comes to taking care of our pets, a hundred or two seems like a generous giveaway. Animals are our friends and their enjoyment and life should be equally important to us as ours is to us. Building a shelter for your dog and taking him out for a walk wouldn’t cost you anything. But still if you want to outsource the kennel and breeding services to some third party, then companies do exist that perform kennel services.

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Waldenway is a great service provider for your pets. Not only do they feel safe and excited at their kennel, but also distress themselves. Yes, you heard it right. Animals also go through stress and taking that away from them is your duty to them being a responsible owner. At Waldenway, we let you enjoy your vacation without being upset about who is going to parent your dog or cat. While you cruise away your worries, we make sure that your pet is an environment away from the stress and stays positive. The environment itself is convincingly joyful for the pets. With dog kennel, dog walking, washing, bathing and playing services, your pet is treated with love and cuddle therapy. What most of us regard as completely useless for animals is simply the backbone of their healthy, nurturing and positive growth, it is their exercise. At Waldenway your pet gets to groove on some of the fitness regimes and move so as to be perfectly healthy. With additional services of grooming, pick and drop and swimming, your pets get to experience a whole new phase of entertainment.

Similarly the services of grooming and pet sitting are performed by Grooming Manitoba clubs where your pets are safer than you think. This pet grooming industry has flourished over the years with the variety and range of services that your pets receive. Being understanding and considerate towards animals is their philosophy. Gentle handling and latest therapies are improvised at the institution for better upbringing of your pets.

Cat boarding Winnipeg is no less than a safe shelter and an enjoyment spot for most pets. Your fluffy cats are sleeping and sit in most comfortable lodgings with a quality, ambiance that even humans die for. Your pet is their priority after you have submitted it to them. With individual attention to each kitten and cat, they make sure that comfortable boarding is delivered to them.

Same goes for the Winnipeg Kennels who has specialized in taking care of your dogs and pets using modern day lodgings, high quality measures of growth with a blend of love and affection. Kennel for them isn’t just a temporary shelter for dogs; it is a house to dogs like we have our homes to us. So the treatment and living conditions follow the same style of living. Make your pet’s stay the best holiday they’ve ever had. Make your appointment today.

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Highly Important and Effective Tips for Dog Grooming

When you adopt a dog then you also take the responsibility of taking good care of him. In order to take care of a pet, the grooming becomes most important part of it because it keeps your pet happy and healthy. There are so many things that are suggested for a pet care but dog grooming is necessary thing and if you will do proper and regular grooming then the other pet care requirements will automatically decrease.

Grooming is not as easy as it seems. It could be challenging for dog owners who have recently adopted a dog so here I am sharing with you some tips that will help you to do better and perfect grooming.It is highly important that you purchase right tools that will help you to do better dog grooming and it will also decrease the effort and time requirement in this task.

Dog grooming Hair scissors: These straight and curved scissors will allow you to cut bulk hair and these scissors are highly time saver as well.

Dog clippers: The professional clippers will allow you to comb away all the dead hairs before bathing the pet. Long coat pet requires daily combing and this tool is really very helpful for such pets. And it will keep your pet clean and free from hair falling issues.

Dog Nose scissors: As its name suggests, the dog nose scissors are especially designed to remove any long nose hairs from dog’s nose. This scissor makes this task extremely simple and quick and adds more proficiency to your grooming.

Dog hair pulling forceps: The hair pullers are really very effective fundamental grooming tool for dogs grooming. It will allow you to remove any excess hair from the ear and will automatically reduce the risk of infection in your pet. This is really very helpful and handy tool for grooming purposes.

Dog Tweezers: Tweezers also work the same way just like hair pulling forceps. It will give you assistive hand in grooming.

Dental scalar: Pets also require regular teeth cleaning and this tool will allow Pets Grooming in Manitoba to keep dog’s teeth clean.

Dog/cat toe nail clippers: The dog nails should be cut down regularly so that they don’t grow too long. Sometimes the long grown nails of the pet can become injurious for the pet themselves and this tool will allow you to cut the dog nails easily and quickly.

Thinning scissors: This tool is highly recommended for the dogs with thick hair coat. Too much hair in the hot weather would be really very problematic for pet so this tool will allow you to thin down the coat hair so that the pet can feel cooler and comfortable in hot weather.

Brush and Comb: This is the simplest and most important tool of grooming. It will give you assistive hand in combing down the dead hairs from your pet’s lovely hair coat.

Author is a pet blogger who love writing articles on Dog Grooming on his blog. He recommends checking out Waldenway for getting the best grooming Manitoba services.

How To Buy Best Dog Kennels Online?

Almost every second person has their own pet these days. Some prefer cat, some prefer other animals but the dogs are most famous pet all around the world. People like to adopt dogs because of various reasons. For example, the dogs are intelligent and kind. Dogs can be trained in less period of time while other animals requires too much attention and training just for becoming familiar with the adopted family.

And most importantly, Boarding for dogs are considered to be very simple and friendly. So, if you considered adopting a dog or if you have any dog then the requirement of dog kennels also becomes a necessary part of dog adoption because this is important for your pet to feel like home. Dog’s kennel makes your pet feel like home and thus it also helps your pet to stay safe from the atmospheric changes and troubles etc. There are various reasons which make the kennels highly assisting and important thing for every pet owner to consider.

Well, if you have considered purchasing the dog kennel for your pet then the second thing of confusion would be its pricing. There are various dog kennels which comes in variety of price ranges so it might get little difficult for you to choose the best one for your pet. In this situation, you should keep in mind the purpose of the dog kennel and then you should make a budget also. Primarily, you should see the comfort of your pet in the kennel so that your pet can also prefer it and make it a part of home.

First of all, you would need to see your pet’s habits and preferences because that is how you would be able to find out the appropriate size requirement of the kennel and then you should see what makes your pet feel comfortable. The kennel should be inspired by something that is loved by your pet and this will be the best thing to do to make a perfect selection of dog kennel for your pet!

And most importantly, while buying kennels online, you should understand that there are various websites and they all offer various price ranges for similar products. So, in order to find best product in most attractive price ranges, you should research a little about it and then you should analyze the product well so that you can understand how much advantageous specific kennel can be. The analysis of good and bad factors of every selected kennel will help you to pick the best and most suitable one in the end. Waldenway.com offers the best price for dog kennels in Winnipeg Manitoba and you may get it by ordering online.

Although it might require some time investment but the results from this procedure would be amazing and highly preferable for your pet. And of course, it is the duty of every pet owner to invest some of their time in the pet’s care so why hesitate? Do research and find best for your pet.

Ensure the Best Care for Your Pet with the Cat Boarding Services

Pets have become highly common these days. Every second person is now seemed to have a pet and cat is one of the most preferable pet for the people all around the world. When people adopt a pet then its care and health worries becomes their responsibility because the pet also becomes an adopted family member.

So, caring becomes your first duty and when you adopt a pet then you agree to this point as well which makes it clearly your duty. But sometimes it becomes impossible to take care of your pet due to changing and busy routine but that does not reduce the care requirement of your pet. Your changed routine will effect negatively on your pet so when you will consider taking care of your pet then you would need to think about its alternatives as well.

In this situation, the cat boarding and dog kennel services is the best alternative which can provide your pet best care in your absence. Your pet will stay happy and healthy even in your busy times which make it a best and most effective option but when you consider cat boarding then you would need to make sure that you choose a right service provider where you can expect best results from the boarding services. Finding the reputed and reliable pet boarding services is most important thing to do and here I am sharing with you some tips that will definitely help you to find most reliable and perfect boarding service for your pet.

  • First of all, check the reputation and their services that they are offering. See If they are enough and satisfactory for you and then visit the location personally to ensure that the pets are getting all that what they are claiming.
  • Ask questions to ensure that there would be no minus points of considering cat boarding services for your pet.
  • Quality is the most important thing and facility that the boarding service providers are offering should be true, effective and professional. So, investing more in a perfect and professional boarding service is a wise idea.
  • And of course, never neglect the importance of the pet’s preferences. Make sure that your pet feels comfortable in specific facility as well. You are considering boarding services for your pet so you should ensure that your pet should be happy in it.
  • And most importantly, the importance of cleanliness should be well understood in the cat boarding services.

Ensuring these things while considering cat boarding in Winnipeg Manitoba services for your pet will help you to make a perfect selection for your pet boarding and your pet will stay healthy and cheery even when you are not there to care for your pet.

Tips to Choosing Dog Kennels and Boarding For Dogs

Dog kennel is a very relax and portable place for dogs, dog owners keep space. If you decide you build a kennel for your dog you require to find out what are the kennels, what is their uses and how much space you will require to locate it up.

There are some tips to think about deciding convenient dog kennels are:

Size Of kennel : Size is very important if your dog size is small so you will prefer small kennel. This is also leaves for holder of small dogs. The kennel will not be big but it will be sufficient for your pet to lay down, stand up and turn around without any troubles. And most important thing is that Where is to place the kennel, mainly dog owners choose to place it in an outlying but provide the dog communication with family.

Select Materials : Many types of material is made out for the manageable dog kennel in Manitoba that is nylon, wire and plastic. Several kennels designed with have Rattan panels or bamboo a rope body for manner. You will decide the perfect material for your pet it is depending on pet personality. You can take also extra time before going to select your choice and buying the economical one that you want looks the great and looks is not important but utility is more important feature in buying.

If you are just going away to using it in house you may wish for to believe a better cable or wire model. However, if you need to make use it for travel or place in car then you can pick a nylon kennel that is simply fold up down level for transport and easy to set up it. You can obtain wire kennels that fold and move quite trouble-free but the nylon kennels are a great deal improved for this kind of exploit.

Boarding Your Dog : Boarding for dogs in Manitoba is top option for dog owners if you are going for a few days at your home and no one to watch out of their pet so you will use benefits of bodings. It can be advantage for both the dogs and dog owners. If you leaving your dogs at boarding center not just will holder be proficient to guarantee the pet will be spend some time in a protected and safe atmosphere. Make sure dog to have a more fun as well.

Advantages for Boarding : Boarding institute is an authoritarian atmosphere which the owners undertake to keep up. In this environment have all attributes that build the dog feel excellent and happy and learning becomes simple A dog go through preparation for approximately a month and they gets to meet up the people just on weekend. Any other object you can perform is to request all your friends and connections if they be capable of suggest a position to you. Several of pals may have pets of their personal, so realize them is forever a fine idea.

For more about Waldenway Visits: http://www.waldenway.com/