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How Old Should Your Dog Be For Being Accepted At A Dog Kennel?

How Old Should Your Dog Be For Being Accepted At A Dog Kennel

Are you a new pet owner or you already have a dog and consider daycare services for your companion? Well, you should know that there are age limits for dogs when it comes to being accepted at a dog kennel, out of safety measures and for being able to provide best daycare services for your dog. So, if you are seriously thinking to use the benefits of dog boarding services while you are away at work during the day, not leaving your companion home alone for so many hours anymore, you need to learn more about age limits in these dog daycare facilities. There are the minimum age and maximum age that makes your dog eligible or not for being accepted in such a facility.

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In the case of puppies, regardless of their breed, the dog needs to be at least 4 months old. There is a very good reason for setting this limit at 4 months of age because by this time the puppy should be done with the mandatory vaccination scheme. Thus, with other words, your puppy will be immune to dangerous viruses and be being vaccinated also gives everybody else the security that viruses will not enter the dog kennel, putting the safety of other dogs in danger. So, if you think about putting your puppy in a dog boarding kennels, you should not miss any vaccine and follow the instructions and recommendations provided by your vet, in order for your puppy to be admitted once it reaches the minimum age limit.

When it comes to the maximum age limit, it depends from one dog kennel to another. Dog boarding facilities that can provide separate areas or private shelters for dogs, like in the case of an elder dog, may not have a maximum age limit. Regardless of how old your dog is and what is his health condition, your companion will be able to enjoy a calm and quiet space at the dog kennel. In boarding facilities where these private spaces are not available, there might be an age limit around 14 or 15 years old, because older dogs may be annoyed and stressed by the rest of the dogs. So, you should check out the services provided by each dog kennel and talk about these conditions, before choosing the one that meets your requirements. Doing some research before leaving your dog at a dog kennel will give you some peace of mind knowing that your pet will be well cared for where he is.

But, the best part when it comes to services of dog grooming in Winnipeg is that there is no age limit. You can take your dog to be pampered no matter how old he is. In fact, it is even recommended to take your dog to be groomed when he is still rather young, so he will get used to the process by the time he will need a hair clip or other grooming services, for easy maintenance, a clean home, and sharp looking companion.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/.

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Getting Your Puppy Ready For Its First Experience In The Daycare Center


Preparing your puppy to deal with the first day at a daycare center for dogs is a very important thing to do. You may have to use these services if you have a busy schedule and leave the dog alone at home for too long. Dog boarding, even if it doesn’t involve staying overnight, is a great way to allow your puppy to socialize with other dogs while chasing away loneliness and boredom, which are triggered by staying home alone.

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Does this involve a special preparation? Yes, it does, because it is a brand new experience for the dog and we don’t want it to get scared or traumatized. It is the same when choosing pet grooming services, the dog having to face new conditions and people, a gentle experience being most recommended in such cases.

1. Your puppy should have the vaccination scheme up to date

The vet will recommend allowing your dog to interact with other dogs and animals only when the vaccination scheme is complete so that the puppy is fully protected against any illnesses. Until then boarding for dogs is not recommended. Even daycare centers are quite strict about this issue, and will not accept your dog as a new member if the vaccines are not up to date and complete, with medical records to attest that the dog is healthy.

Dog owners should not feel offended by such rules, but be aware that a dog carrying a virus, due to improper vaccination, can represent a real danger to other dogs as well. After all, every dog owner trusts the daycare center for keeping his dog safe and not getting it ill and pet groomers in Winnipeg take care of this very well.

2. Spend some time at the dog park

Daycare centers are all about dogs coming together, socializing and playing, so your puppy must get used to being in the company of other dogs. Solitary confinement is not an option in the case of such services, all dog boarding kennels having special programs that allow dogs to have fun and be in a good mood.

So spending time at the dog park will help your dog get accustomed to having many other dogs around, and people, helping it get rid of the fear of being in rather crowded places. You see, a dog that is not properly socialized and is very shy ma get traumatized when seeing so many dogs running around and being boisterous.

3. Stay positive at all times

It is not easy to leave your beloved dog in the hands of strangers, such a thought giving you a hard time. But, do remember that if you feel nervous, sad, or anxious, your dog will feel it and will adopt the same behavior. You don’t want your dog to feel bad all day long, so do your best to feel positive and to see the daycare center as a great place for your dog to be.

Keep in mind to have the same behavior when you’re leaving your dog for a service of dog grooming in Winnipeg because negative states of mind can make the dog nervous and hard to handle by the dog groomer.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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How to Make Staying at the Kennel Stress-Free for your Dog


When a dog owner considers leaving his dog at the kennel, he thinks about housing him in a safe and welcoming environment while he is gone on a vacation or business travel. No one is taking their beloved companion at the dog kennel or any other kennel to endure stress and other negative experiences. Still, it is not easy for a dog to be in a new environment without his owner and family, the mere aspect of being apart creating stress and discomfort for your furry friend. So how to minimize stress when you have to take your dog at the dog kennels?

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How to start

It is best to prepare for dog boarding well before you’ll have to leave on your trip. This way, you will have time to make all the arrangements and make sure that you are choosing the best boarding services for your dog. So, check to see what dog boarding kennels are available in your area, schedule an appointment with the ones you consider most reliable, and visit them. Check out their conditions and see how the staff is treating the dogs that are there already. Also, talk to the staff about your dog, if he is social or not, if he is shy, or has other particularities that should be known and see how they react. Also, if this will be the first time for your dog in a boarding center, do consider doing a one-day trial, to see how the dog copes.

What is indicated to bring along

Before boarding your dog, make sure he has a collar with a dog tag on, with your info written on it. If your dog is on a special diet or has to take certain medications, don’t forget to bring them. Bring along your dog’s favorite toys, because they will keep him entertained and will remind him of home. His blanket or bed will do the same, so pack it as well. If your dog requires regular grooming, you can bring it its grooming tools, although you can check to see what boarding services has dog grooming in Winnipeg and make this task easier. There are great services of dog grooming in Winnipeg, so you may find kennels that collaborate with these services and offer them if requested.

Dos and don’t s

Fill in all the forms without missing anything, and leave your contact details for emergency calls, as well as the contacts of the vet you are collaborating with. Do not change the food of the dog with at least one week before boarding, because it may get an upset stomach during its stay at the kennels, increasing the stress levels. Vaccines, treatments for fleas and intestinal worms, and tick preventive treatments should be all done well before boarding your dog. And do be in a great mood when bringing your dog to the kennels. Don’t prolong your separation and try to be as cheerful as possible, so you don’t transmit worrying feelings to your dog.

What if the dog will forget its owner?

Don’t be silly! Dogs never forget their owners and family, not even if years pass and you don’t see each other. So how will the dog forget you if you just leave it at the kennels for a determined period? Don’t be worried about this, because your dog will be extremely happy when you will return and it will remember you for sure.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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Thing You should Know Why Dogs Suffer From Separation Anxiety?


There are many dog owners that have to face troubles with their dogs because they tend to be extremely nervous or destructive each time they are left home alone. What dog owners don’t know is that their dog is not misbehaving or throwing a party, in his style, for being left alone. If the behavior persists even after the dog reaches maturity, there are high chances for it to suffer from separation anxiety and dog boarding kennels can help you in this very well.

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This problem is frequent among the dogs that spend a lot of time alone because their owners work most of the day. Because he is not with his owner, it usually adopts the unwanted behavior, like urinating and defecating in the house, chewing furniture, doors, scratching walls and doors, and barking or howling. Such a behavior is not healthy for them, besides the damages such a dog produces inside the house because it triggers a high level of stress. You can opt for dog grooming in Winnipeg for the great results.

Even if the dog is mature and never manifested such problems, but you moved to a new home and in a new location, this problem may appear. It can also manifest after earthquakes or severe storm, he is being afraid to be left alone after traumatizing experiences. Also, when the environment is new, it is stressful for the dog because he is afraid of not being abandoned in this new and strange place. A dog kennel and pet grooming services may help him from adopting a destructive behavior, at least until it manages to get accommodated with the new home.

To avoid having to deal with a mature dog that suffers from separation anxiety, you need to train the dog while it is still a puppy. It needs to know that when you go away from home, it is not something negative and that you will always come back. You can associate your leaving with something positive, like a special dog toy that can be stuffed with its favorite treats. The toy will also gradually release the treats and only if the dog plays with it, so it will not notice when you leave and will keep it busy for hours. Also, you can hide treats in the dog’s crate and around to house, something you can do with its toys as well so that the dog will be busy looking for them. Another thing you can do is walk and exercise the dog well before leaving so that it will be tired enough to be in a relaxed and sleepy state when you leave.

If nothing works, you also have the option of dog boarding. The dog will get proper socialization and the opportunity to play with other dogs while it is there. There are great Winnipeg kennels that can take care of your dog while you are at work. Your companion will get plenty of exercises and will be cared by the best professionals, which will help you keep your house intact. Speaking of an intact and fresh house, the pet groomers in Winnipeg will make sure that the coat of your dog is clean and shiny, removing any dead hair and minimizing the effects of shedding on your carpets and upholstery.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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The Benefits of Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding


As a society, we are busier than ever before. Between longer work hours, busy family schedules, trips, and everything in between, we are homeless than ever. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always seem fair to our pets, who are also considered to be part of the family. It’s easy to feel bad about leaving your pet at home alone when you have to leave for any reason – especially for an extended period of time. Dog boarding and cat boarding have a negative stigma for a lot of people, but the good news? Kennels have drastically changed over the years, and ‘dog daycare’ is more popular than ever.

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So, what are the benefits of boarding for dogs? Well, it’s beneficial for both you and your four-legged friend. First of all, if you have a high-energy dog with separation anxiety or one who just has a lot of energy, dog daycare can provide them with a day of activities, constant care, and even socialization with other people and dogs. It will keep them from being bored and will help to distract them from the daily separation.

Most dog kennels also stress the importance of physical activity and exercise in a dog. Pets don’t just sit in large kennels anymore, waiting around for their owners to pick them up. Think about dropping your child off at a daycare, and all of the fun activities they’ll get to do throughout the day. It’s no different for your dog and dog boarding places as they have really stepped up when it comes to providing the best in activities and amenities.
Your pet will be able to play, interact with other dogs, go for walks, have their favorite treats, and so much more at dog daycare when you are not around. Not only can you be sure your dog is getting the kind of care they need throughout the day, but there is one more huge benefit for you when you go to pick them up: They’ll be tired!

That might not sound like a benefit at first, but think about it this way – if you usually leave your pet at home during the day, chances are they’ve got a lot of pent-up energy waiting to greet you when you walk in the door. This can be cute for a few minutes, but when it lasts all night, it can become annoying, and even destructive. An energetic dog isn’t necessarily a happy dog – they must be able to burn off that energy, especially if they’ve had nothing to do all day. A pet grooming facility takes care of that for you. So, you’ll be able to relax with your pet and enjoy their company in the evening, rather than trying to wrangle them in and calm them down. A tired dog is a good dog after all.

As you can see, the benefits of dog grooming in Winnipeg can help both you and your pet. You’ll both feel better about being apart each day, and when you do come together, it’ll be more special than ever.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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Dog Boarding Options For Pet Parents To Consider


When you have to consider dog boarding, it’s never an easy decision to make. Utilizing a dog kennel for a member of the family just doesn’t seem appealing to some pet owners. Luckily, there are so many different options nowadays when it comes to finding care for your furry friend while you’re away. The face of dog boarding has truly changed, and there are not only plenty of options as to where you can leave your pet but plenty of features and services these places can provide – everything from pet grooming to special exercise routines. Let’s take a look at your options.

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Traditional Dog Kennels
It’s important to open your mind as to what dog kennels really are because they have gotten a huge update and upgrade in recent years. Dog grooming in Winnipeg has become a huge feature in most local kennels, but dog grooming is just the tip of the iceberg. Many kennels are now more like a vacation resort for dogs. They don’t have to spend every waking moment in a small cage. Most kennels have daily exercise programs, socialization, and more! If your dog has special needs, most kennels are happy to accommodate that. Some even have an in-house veterinarian, to make sure everyone is well taken care of. Don’t be afraid to do some research of your own on local kennels.

Dog-Sitting at Home
Many pet owners opt for in-home boarding or hiring a dog sitter to watch their pet while they are away. This can be a great option, as it allows your dog to stay within the comfort of their own home. The only thing to be careful with is the person you’re hiring for it. Not only are you inviting a stranger into your home, but you’re inviting them to take care of your pet, one on one. Be sure to check out references, and experience, before you ever hire a pet sitter to come into your home.

More Than Boarding
Many boarding options are now actually doubling as training schools. This can give your dog a chance to learn some new things while you’re away, from obedience techniques to some fun tricks! Putting your dog in a training program while you’re away can really help to keep their minds focused and active while you’re gone. That way, they won’t be bored and restless. You can expect all of the great traditional services a standard dog kennel provides, plus quality training to boot. It really is the best of both worlds.

Again, it’s never easy having to leave your dog behind for any reason, whether you have to spend the day away at work, or you’re on an extended trip. Thankfully, with so many quality options nowadays, you don’t have to worry as much about the kind of care your dog is getting. They can get in some exercise, meet some new friends, and even learn a few new tricks, all while you’re away from home!

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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What You Should Know About Boarding Your Pets

Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding

Dog boarding and cat boarding have been popular practices for quite a while, thanks to their convenience for people who might have to leave home for any given reason. Whether you’re leaving on a vacation, for work, or for an unexpected emergency, being able to utilize dog kennels and cat kennels is a great way to make sure your pet is taken care of while you’re gone. But, there are a few things most pet owners don’t know about today’s modern boarding facilities. If you haven’t had to board your cat or dog in a while, you’ll probably be pretty thrilled to learn about some more of the modern amenities that have shown up in recent years.

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Since boarding is such a popular practice, there are many facilities now vying for your business when it comes to bringing your pet to stay with them. So, many boarding facilities are adding additional services and benefits that will make your dog or cat’s stay even more luxurious. Perhaps the most basic of these services, yet also one of the most important, is grooming. Dog grooming in Winnipeg has become an extremely popular feature for boarding facilities. Grooming consists of everything from bathing and brushing to clipping nails, and even brushing teeth, depending on the specific facility.

But grooming is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incredible amenities provided too many dogs and cats at boarding facilities. Many kennels now have televisions installed, so your pet can watch TV while you’re away, and entertain themselves with some of their favorite shows!

Other boarding areas will work to make sure your pet feels ‘at home,’ providing them with healthy food, lots of room to run around, and a calm and comfortable environment they’ll be able to enjoy, instead of sitting in a cage all day.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, many pet boarding facilities have recognized the need to have a licensed veterinarian on staff at all times. With so many animals under one roof, accidents can happen, and pets can get sick. By having a medical staff on hand, your pet can receive the care and attention they need immediately, instead of having to be transferred somewhere else, or run the risk of an emergency that can’t be looked at right away. When you’re searching for boarding businesses for your pet, this is definitely something to keep in mind as a positive feature.

When it comes to boarding for dogs and cats, you can take comfort in knowing that no matter where you go, modern services and amenities are running aplenty in pet boarding facilities across the world. People know that now more than ever, pets are considered to be a part of our families, and boarding businesses are taking notice. So, when you care enough to give that member of your family the very best, that can mean researching the best boarding facility in your area, so your pet can experience a vacation of their own while you’re away.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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Dog Grooming – Things You Should Check Before Choosing a Pet Groomer

Dog Boarding

If you’re a pet owner, chances are you love spending time with your dog or cat every chance you get when you’re at home. And, you know that it’s not enough to simply ‘be present’ – you actually have to interact with your pet, play with them, given them attention, and love them! That’s usually not a problem for people who own animals, and more often than not, pets are considered to be a part of the family.

Aside from doing all the ‘fun’ things with your pet, it’s also important to give them the best care you can provide, and this includes keeping them healthy and happy, even while you’re away. That’s why cat boarding and dog boarding is a great option for pet owners who are looking to provide their pets with quality care, attention, and love, even if they’re not around.

Think of it this way – you may take your children to school or daycare each day when you go to work. That way, you know they’re being looked after, and getting quality care. Why should your pets be any different? Boarding for dogs and cats is a more popular option than ever for people on the go, and the good news? Pet grooming in Winnipeg is more prominent than ever, because people want to make sure their dogs and cats are being cared for while they’re away.

Want to check out some pet boarding options for your dog or cat? There are a few things to keep in mind:

First, do your research on different boarding facilities in your area. Many of them may offer additional options like grooming, active play, training, etc. The more you can get in a day, the better. These are the places that will usually go the extra mile to care for your pet.

Health and safety should always be a top priority when it comes to finding a quality boarding for dogs and boarding for cats solution for your pet. Check out a boarder’s health and safety procedures and practices beforehand to make sure you’re comfortable with how they’re going to treat your dog or cat throughout the day.

Thankfully, the Internet makes it very easy to learn a lot about boarding facilities before you even contact them in person. Don’t be afraid to take reviews from other pet owners into consideration when you’re looking into boarding options for your dog or cat. Chances are, if other people have had a good experience, so will you!

Your pet should get the maximum care from any boarding facility you choose to bring them to. This includes quality hygiene practices, strict training regimens, and of course, an endless stream of love, attention, and care. While you’re off at work, or getting through your day away from home, you should be able to feel confident your pet is getting the same kind of attention they would be getting from you and your family, while staying healthy and happy in the process, and maybe even learning a few new tricks for obedience.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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