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Is it really that important to groom our pets?

Is it really that important to groom our pets

Who doesn’t enjoy a pet that is looking sharp, doesn’t smell bad, and is clean? Many pet owners appreciate the true value of pet grooming services because they help our pets stay in a great shape. Still, just how important is to groom our pets? And how often should we groom them? Regardless if we are doing the grooming operation at home or ask the help of pet groomers in Winnipeg, being pet grooming services for all pockets and preferences, grooming is indeed a highly important part if we want to keep our pets not only clean but also healthy. You may want to take a look at the following lines and know more about the importance of pet grooming.

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1. Brushing

Both dogs and cats of all ages and types should benefit from getting their coat brushed. This operation removes the dust in their fur, plus dandruff, dead hair, and other particles that may get them dirty. Hence dog grooming and cat grooming is important. And brushing also enhances blood circulation at skin level and helps in spreading the oil their skin is naturally producing, promoting a healthy and skinny coat. Also, when brushing your pet, you can check for any visible health problems, like lumps, bumps, scabs, and so on.

2. Ears

The ears of your pet can accumulate dust and house parasites, risking to get infected and spread that unwanted pet odour no one wants to feel. Healthy ears do not have any smell, so make sure to periodically check and clean the ears of your pet with adequate cleaners and cotton pads.

3. Eyes

The eyes should be clear, moist, and bright, so make sure to check them for any signs of infection. If your pet has hair around the eyes, trim it to prevent any hair getting in the eyes and provoking any discomfort and damage.

4. Teeth

The unpleasant breath of your pet and any dental problems can be easily prevented through teeth cleaning. Your pet should be accustomed to this procedure from an early age so you won’t have any trouble performing the operation. There are a special toothpaste and toothbrush for pets, which can be easily found in any pet store. Also, your vet can help you out if your pet has dental issues that cannot be solved through regular cleaning.

5. Bathing

While bathing that is done too often is damaging, because it strips the skin of your pet of its protective oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and susceptible to all kinds of infections, it is necessary to bathe your pet. The best to know how often you should do this is to ask your vet for recommendations, which may vary according to the breed of your pet. It is also worth mentioning that dog boarding facilities will not house a dog that has a problem with external parasites or skin issues, so a correct bathing schedule is needed.

6. Nail trimming

This is another important operation because it keeps your pet from getting injured in its own nails if they grow too long. Also, doing this will keep your upholstery intact and you away from the risk of getting an ugly scratch.

So, whether you are looking for services of pet grooming in Winnipeg or doing your pet’s grooming at home, all of the previously mentioned aspects need to be covered, for the sake and well-being of your beloved companion.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/.

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Serious Reasons For Grooming Your Dog

Serious Reasons For Grooming Your Dog

Many dog owners believe that grooming is done solely for aesthetic purposes. While this is true, dog grooming can also keep at bay several health issues and promote a clean home. After all, who enjoys having dog hair all over the place? It doesn’t matter if you have a dog with short hair or long hair because every dog should enjoy some pet grooming. It is very important to teach your dog with the grooming process from a very early age so that it will consider it a normal part of the routine and allow you to check its coat, ears, eyes, and teeth to make sure that everything is alright.

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Dog grooming will allow you to help it shed its dead coat, which means less hair that will randomly fall all over the place. Also, regular grooming will promote a shiny coat, will enhance blood circulation at skin level, and will allow you to notice if the dog starts having any skin issues, like rashes or allergies. Allowing the dog’s fur to get all tangled is not a good idea, because removing wads is uncomfortable and painful, not to mention that they can create several skin problems, like irritation, itchiness, and soreness. Plus, a coat that is not groomed will start to accumulate dust and will start smelling in a bad manner, which is not going to be pleasant for you either.

Also, if you plan on using services of boarding for dogs, there are changes for the dog kennel not to allow your dog in if it is in a poor condition or has skin issues. They have to protect the rest of the dogs that are housed in the facility. So, as a dog owner, you need to do your best to keep your furry friend in a great health condition. Such a habit will give the two of you to bond and strengthen the relationship you have, although it is highly recommended to groom your dog when he is in a calm and relaxed state of mind. This way, it will associate grooming with a pleasant activity and won’t have anything against it. The sooner you start grooming your puppy, the better it will be, especially if you plan taking it to professional pet groomers later on. The routine you will accustom the dog with at home will help it be calm and relaxed at the grooming salon as well, becoming a dog that it is easy to work with.

Thus, dog grooming is a way to ensure that your dog is in a great shape, by checking its body for lumps, bumps, external parasites, or anything out of the ordinary. Also, check its paws, to make sure that the hair there isn’t tangled or that there aren’t any other problems. You should take a look at its ears and eyes as well. The eyes should be bright and clear and the ears should be odorless and without any dirt or grime in them. If they present dirt and grime, they should be cleaned with adequate solutions. If the problem persists, you should visit the vet because the ear or eye may be infected.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/.

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The Best 10 reasons to Choose Daycare center Services for your Dog


There are times when you may need to travel, for business or for a vacation, and you may not be able to take your beloved dog along. In such situations, you may want to consider dog boarding services. Below is the list how to choose the best boarding center for your pet.

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1. Having a large gathering at your home

Dog boarding can be a great option when there is a large gathering of people in your home. Whether it is a family reunion or anything else, knowing that your dog is safe and that you have one less task on your mind is rather comforting. Do consider cat boarding as well, especially because cats are not too comfortable when it comes to a lot of strangers on their territory.

2. Putting your house up for sale

When you decide to sell your house, there will be visiting periods when potential customers will come to see the property. Having your dog in the daycare center during those periods can mean less stress for you and for the potential clients as well.

3. Allowing the dog to socialize

If you have a busy schedule and the dog stays on its own for too long, without socializing with other dogs and people, it will not be a benefit for its mental health. Dogs are social creatures, so they should be allowed to socialize and burn their energy.

4. A solution for separation anxiety

There are some dogs that suffer a lot when they are not in the company of their owners, adopting a destructive and negative behavior. Being in a daycare center will be much better for them because they will have the chance to play and be in the company of other dogs and of trained and experienced staff.

Also, read about Thing You should Know Why Dogs Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

5. In case the dog becomes destructive out of boredom

Again, when being left home alone, many dogs engage in activities that are destructive, out of boredom. Chewing on things, like the owner’s shoes or furniture, are the most common. It is just their way of telling you that their life is extremely boring and lacks activity.

6. When you start repairing the house

In the case of significant repairs and renovating activities of your house, it would be best to take your dog to a daycare center during the day. The strange workers that will make a lot of noise and constantly walk in and the door can be quite stressful for the dog.

7. To allow a puppy to get the sense of a pack

Dogs are pack animals and since they are born, they are used to living in a pack, the puppy having several siblings and their mother. A puppy or a young dog will learn what it is like to be in a pack and acquire social skills with the help of a daycare center.

8. Exercise opportunity for dogs with high energy

If your dog is highly energetic, but you don’t have sufficient time to walk and play with it, a daycare center can be the best option. Here, the dog will have plenty of space and play buddies to burn his energy throughout the day.

9. When you need to run some errands

If you have to take care of things and you’re not comfortable with letting your dog alone but you can’t take it with you either, the daycare center will provide safety and activities for your dog while you are away.

10. The dog will have a great time while you are at work

Instead of feeling guilty of leaving your dog for so long alone at home, because you are at work, it is best to drop it at the daycare center and allow it to have a great time with other dogs. If you want, you can even ask the daycare center if it offers dog grooming services as well. There are great pet groomers in Winnipeg that will help you have a great looking dog.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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Dog Boarding Options For Pet Parents To Consider


When you have to consider dog boarding, it’s never an easy decision to make. Utilizing a dog kennel for a member of the family just doesn’t seem appealing to some pet owners. Luckily, there are so many different options nowadays when it comes to finding care for your furry friend while you’re away. The face of dog boarding has truly changed, and there are not only plenty of options as to where you can leave your pet but plenty of features and services these places can provide – everything from pet grooming to special exercise routines. Let’s take a look at your options.

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Traditional Dog Kennels
It’s important to open your mind as to what dog kennels really are because they have gotten a huge update and upgrade in recent years. Dog grooming in Winnipeg has become a huge feature in most local kennels, but dog grooming is just the tip of the iceberg. Many kennels are now more like a vacation resort for dogs. They don’t have to spend every waking moment in a small cage. Most kennels have daily exercise programs, socialization, and more! If your dog has special needs, most kennels are happy to accommodate that. Some even have an in-house veterinarian, to make sure everyone is well taken care of. Don’t be afraid to do some research of your own on local kennels.

Dog-Sitting at Home
Many pet owners opt for in-home boarding or hiring a dog sitter to watch their pet while they are away. This can be a great option, as it allows your dog to stay within the comfort of their own home. The only thing to be careful with is the person you’re hiring for it. Not only are you inviting a stranger into your home, but you’re inviting them to take care of your pet, one on one. Be sure to check out references, and experience, before you ever hire a pet sitter to come into your home.

More Than Boarding
Many boarding options are now actually doubling as training schools. This can give your dog a chance to learn some new things while you’re away, from obedience techniques to some fun tricks! Putting your dog in a training program while you’re away can really help to keep their minds focused and active while you’re gone. That way, they won’t be bored and restless. You can expect all of the great traditional services a standard dog kennel provides, plus quality training to boot. It really is the best of both worlds.

Again, it’s never easy having to leave your dog behind for any reason, whether you have to spend the day away at work, or you’re on an extended trip. Thankfully, with so many quality options nowadays, you don’t have to worry as much about the kind of care your dog is getting. They can get in some exercise, meet some new friends, and even learn a few new tricks, all while you’re away from home!

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/

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Enjoy Grooming Manitoba and Its Amazing Benefits

Pet is very essential in our lives, not because of the protection, but you’ll always notice a positive and happy vibration from them, will surely help in making your life wonderful.

Giving proper care and love to your pet is very essential; hence try to treat the same like your child not an animal. It is very important to care pet a lot, whether you are with your pet and not, thus, it is your duty to manage everything with the help of the professionals. Yes, you can’t care your pet all the time; hence you can take the support of the best professionals Winnipeg, who are expert in caring the pet in a better way.

For what you can hire them?

If you are looking for better grooming of your pet by cleaning, pampering and playing with them, better take them to grooming Manitoba and get complete assurance that your pet will be completely groomed. They not only focus on grooming of your pet, but they also focus on their health and body issues and accordingly provide proper care and attention. Going up with the same, you can assure the best health and wellness of your pet which will be ZERO without their contribution and help. Not only this, here, experts will teach you what you can do to improve the lifestyle and wellness of the pet along with other great tips and tricks for your help.

Another most important service of the same is, going up with dog kennels Winnipeg. In case you are moving to different city or country and worrying about your pet, better take the help of Waldenway, as here your pet will be saved and enjoy the fullest. Before going to your vacation, must visit to the same source and hire, accommodation for your pet for any number of days. Also, don‘t forget to give special instructions to them for your pet so that staff follow the same and you can expect to have great services.

Here, you will see the professional staff, who will 24/7 work for your pet and watch out their activities time to time. Expect to have the following facilities, including-

Your pets will get personal indoor bunkhouse, where they can enjoy comfort living. They can sit, sleep and play there without any boundation and will surely love staying there.

Regular and freshly cleaned bed is provided to your pets which will be free from pests and other ailments. Don’t you need to worry about cleaning and hygiene factor over there, as everything will be taken care by the experts.

Time to time food and water facility will be given and if you are looking for medication, including insulin and other things, will also be done as per the instruction of yours.

Fun time, amazing activities and exercise everyday will be given to your pet which will help in making them happy and fit.

Overall, opting the same Waldenway source, will waive off all your stress and tensions, however, must go with them.

What are The Common Behavioral Advantages of Dog Grooming?

Dogs are the most popular and most lovable pet animal in the world. We can easily tame the dogs and make them our own pets. Dogs are the trustiest pet animal in the world when comparing with other pets. If you are a pet owner or thinking about becoming a pet owner here is some important and relevant information you need to know. You can with confidence give your much beloved pet the best possible medical care with some effective tips. It goes without saying that as you have taken the trouble to take responsibility for caring for a pet, you will definitely want it to be happy and healthy its entire life.

The pet grooming is very important part of the pet care. If you want to take care of your pet then this is the first thing that you should consider for your pet. It is really very important that a dog gets regular dog grooming because it allows dog to stay happy and healthy all the time. The regularity of this task is really very important because only regular grooming can offer higher and long term advantages to the pet. There are unlimited advantages of considering grooming for your pet and here I am sharing with you some of the most common behavioral advantages of it which will help you understand why you should give it your highest preference.

Mood changes: The proper dog grooming will help you to deal with the mood swings of your pet. If your pet sometimes stays too calm and sometimes makes too much noise then it is because of dissatisfaction or mood swing which you would be able to easily manage, handle and control with the proper and regular grooming. Your dog will stay satisfied and happy so the mood swings will stay away from your dog as well.

Training: The grooming will also help your dog to concentrate in training. Again it is the matter of satisfaction and happiness of the dog, and with the help of dog grooming, you can keep your pet satisfied and happy all the time so your pet would be able to do the training quickly and efficiently.

Dozing: Some pets dozes all the time and it is the sign of their restlessness problem which can also be solved with the help of grooming. It could be due to lack of activity or lack of entertainment in your pet’s life but the grooming will complete that requirement and will allow you to stay strong and active all the time! No dozing anymore!

Friendly pet: Most important advantage of grooming Manitoba is its impact on the pet. If you will provide grooming regularly to your pet then it will increase the friendliness of your pet and you would be able to be proud of your friendly and highly adjusting pet all the time.

Author writes on a freelance basis and lives in US. His writing covers a range of topics especially related to pets. In his recent few articles he has recommended his users to check Waldenway for getting the best Winnipeg kennels services for their pets.

Why Proper Dog and Cat Grooming Is Important for Your Pet?

The dog and cat care business is growing at the higher level these days. People love to have their own pets and cats and dogs are getting higher preferences all around the world. The cats comes in the higher position when we talk about cute pet and when we talk about bold and assistive pet then there is no better choice than a dog for this purpose. So, these reasons make the dogs and cats most adorable and appreciable pets. And when you adopt them then you also take the responsibility of taking good care of pets just like your family member.

It is basically the responsibility of pet owner to take care of pet and to spend as much time as possible with the pet to keep your pet healthy and happy. The pets cannot really explain what they need but it is the sign of good pet owner that you fulfill every requirement of your pet without actually seeing any significant difference in your pet’s mood or health regarding specific demand or requirement. And the dog and cat grooming plays really very important part in the dog and cat pet care.

When we talk about pet care then the grooming comes at the primary level because it is just like a meditation and relaxation exercise for the pets. It will help your pet to stay calm, flexible, happy and healthy all the time. Sometimes we see some mood swings and some arrogant nature changes in our pet and that is the significant sign of the dog and cat grooming requirement. If you will provide your pet proper grooming then it will allow you to keep your pet healthy and happy all the time and then you will never see the bad or arrogant mood swings in your pet.

This is not a nature of the pet to have the mood swings all the time, it is the sign that your pet requires care and attention much more than he or she is getting in the present period of time and you should never neglect this requirement. If you want to be the owner of a happy and healthy pet then grooming would be a magical alternative for you.

If your pet get regular and suitable dog and cat grooming Manitoba services then you would not need do much more efforts for the purpose of pet care to keep your pet healthy, happy and active all the time. This is the only thing that provides tremendous and unbeatable advantages for the pet so what are you waiting for? There are so many things that you can do for health and moods of your pet but there is nothing better than the pet grooming. Pet grooming is all in one problem solving solution for all the pet owners so why ignore it? If you have not yet added grooming in your pet care then you should do it today.

Author is a pet owner who love caring and grooming his pets in his free time. When he is not free he often takes the help of waldenway.com for caring the pets. This is a reliable most dog and cat grooming Manitoba company which provides quality services at an affordable price.

Helpful Dog Grooming Tips for New Pet Owners

The pets are really very fragile. They need proper care and regular attention from their owners. It is important that every pet owner understand the importance of pet care but sometimes for new pet owners, it becomes really very hard task because they could not figure out how to manage all the pet grooming tasks efficiently in less period of time. Adopting a pet is a big change in pet’s as well as pet owner’s life. It brings some difficulties and also it requires some changes as well. If you are a new pet owner and if you are confused about dog grooming then here I am sharing with you some tips that will help you to establish a perfect dog grooming for your pet.

First of all, you should research about the dog grooming and then you should purchase all the grooming assisting stuff so that you can minimize the time consumption in this process and purchasing equipment for this purpose will also enhance the effectiveness of this task.

If you are a new pet owner then it is really very important for you that you spend some time with your pet or try to spend as much time as possible with pet because it will allow your pet to become more friendly with the family. This will allow your pet to feel like a family. Bathing is really very important for pet’s health so make sure that you give your preference to weekly pet bathing but also make sure that you use suitable moisturizer or some other dryness preventive cream or location so that frequent bath could not take the natural polls from your pet’s skin.

Brushing is also very important part of cat and dog grooming in Manitoba. It should be done after bath to remove all the dead hairs. This is good for your pet as well as for every other person in the home because if you will brush off all the dead hairs of your dog then you would not need to worry about dog’s hair in the different parts of your home where your dog might go. The cleaning is strictly necessary and you should take care of pet’s nails, feet, ears and teeth etc. You can find various available equipments for these cleaning purposes, which will assist you to do efficient cleaning.

Read as many dog grooming articles or books as possible to get more and more ideas and tips about this task. It will allow you to be efficient and most importantly, don’t delay or ignore it in any situation. If you are unable to do the pet care due to some reasons then it is your duty that you give this task to someone else or you can also hire a professional person who can take care of this task.

Author is a pet blogger who writes articles on pet grooming tips on his blog. He recommends his visitors checking out waldenway.com for getting quality services related to cat and dog grooming in Manitoba.

Dog And Cat Grooming In Manitoba – Get Some Professional Tips

For pets, whatever you do is very less. As you have taken the responsibility to have pets in your house, then you should be a responsible one to care them properly and understand what actually they need from you.

Caring of pets is not only to take them on a walk regularly and provide timely food and water. It is all about, how much time do you spend with your pet, and what you do to groom and make them healthy all the time. Talking about its caring, you should be aware of its time to time vaccination, take to your pet to the parlour for grooming its appearance, check up its health and many other things.

How to care our pet?

For grooming, you can do it at your home by using quality and essential tools, but if you need the hands of professionals, you can take your pets out and let us leave them there to have fun. You’ll surprise to see, that in a pet grooming session, your pet will completely enjoy the overall ambiance and the facilities provided over there. The professionals will give bath to your pet, clean up all sensitive areas, including- ears, feet, back and others, professionally. Apart bathing, brushing, nail clipping, special treatment for other issues, and many more others, it provides, which will help you to keep relaxing that your pet is free from all set of issues like- fleas, ticks and other problems. In that case, if you need up the best and professional help you can consider – dog and cat grooming in Manitoba.

Make your pet fit and healthy

As generally, pets lying in their sheds and do nothing but sleeping, thus, it is your duty to make them active. Whenever you get time, play with them, make your pet run all the time, get some great toys for them and check out the difference then. They will be completely engaged in playing and chewing their toys, thus, this will make them active and healthy for sure.

Provide proper shed

Having a great pet home is required, as this will allow you to keep pets out of the home and you and your family will be completely protected from unnecessary germs and issues, developed by these pets. Having a proper shed means, comfortably your pet can live out there, and they won’t need your presence all the time as they know this is only their place and they can live there freely. Before buying a dog house, measurement of the size of your pet and the house is essential, later you can check proper ventilation facilities, good space, entering and existing facility should be perfect and many other things too. Now it’s time to provide your pet the comfort and proper bedding facility, feed your pet time to time, and never forget to clean its house periodically, to keep your safe and healthy from all the ailments, which generally happened, if you unable to provide good cleaning facilities to your lovable pets.