3 Most Important Advantages of Boarding and Daycare for Dogs


Many dog owners don’t consider dog boarding and daycare services for their pets because they consider that their companion will be safer and feel better at home. But, is it really so? If you are a person that works pretty much the entire day, your dog ends up spending a lot of time home alone.

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Dogs are active creatures, so they tend to get bored rather fast when they are alone, which usually leads to problems because they end up being destructive. That’s not their way of revenging on you because you left them alone, it is their way of saying that they got terribly bored, so they found new activities that are usually to your detriment. Also, many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which also leads to unhealthy habits and destructive behavior. So do consider daycare services and boarding for dogs.

1. Your dog is supervised at all times

One of the biggest advantages of putting your dog in dog kennels, Boarding places or daycare center throughout the day, while you are at work or away, is that professional staff will keep an eye on your pet all the time. It’s not like your dog will be let loose to fend for itself. The grounds of the center are properly fenced so it will be safe, but staff members will always watch the dogs they have to care for to make sure everything is fine, pretty much like in a children kindergarten. This is very useful in the case of dogs with separation anxiety, which needs a lot of attention and care to feel safe and comfortable. It is better this way than to be left alone at home without any kind of supervision.

2. It gets to work out by playing and running outside

Another great advantage is that your dog will get to play and unroll physical activities, instead of being locked inside the house. Of course, not all dog boarding facilities and daycare centers have special areas designated for play or play groups, so you may want to check this aspect before boarding your dog. At the end of the day, you will get back a dog that has been exercised and will be much calmer inside the house, a perfect companion for the entire family. You can also take a look at Pet groomers in Winnipeg for your pet grooming.

3. A great place for socialization

Socialization is a key factor in your dog’s education. For this, you have to introduce to your dog as many dogs and other animals as possible, starting at a young age. This way the dog will not develop in time an aggressive behavior towards other dogs and animals. If you don’t have sufficient time to take your dog to public dog playgrounds or parks, boarding and daycare centers are a great alternative. Here, your dog will get the chance to meet other dogs and play together, which will help your furry friend develop into a gentle and friendly dog. The constant presence of other dogs at the boarding facility or daycare center will keep your dog happy, friendly, and in a good mood because dogs are, after all, pack animals.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/.

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