The Importance of having your Pet Vaccinated


We all love our pets, whether we are talking about dogs or cats. But, being adorable and cuddly is not enough if you want to make sure that your pet remains healthy. Vaccinating your pet is a must because it will keep your companion’s immune system strong and will allow your dog to be accepted at a dog boarding facility. Yes, if you have to travel somewhere and you can’t take your pet along, you need to take dog boarding services into account. Do you know what the most basic request is for your pet to be accepted in such a facility? Your pet needs to be vaccinated and it should have papers as proofs you did it in a vet’s office.

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Why is vaccination so important? There are many diseases that can be transmitted from one pet to the other, so there isn’t just the risk for your pet to collect a virus when visiting public areas, but there is also the risk of giving other pets the viruses your pet may have. Some pets are more sensitive than others, so even if your companion seems fine because it has a stronger immune system, the virus transmitted to others may even be fatal to them. You can find the best facilities for your dog by Pet groomers in Winnipeg area and more locations.

Also, when your dog is very young, just a puppy, illnesses like parvovirosis, leptospirosis, and parainfluenza can be extremely dangerous to the young pup, and may even lead to losing its life. So, don’t treat pet vaccination as a light issue, because it is not. Both dogs and cats should be vaccinated starting with the first months of their life, to make their immune system strong and resistant. Once they pass this vaccination period, you’ll just have to visit the vet’s office once a year, for the annual vaccination, which will reinforce your pet’s antibodies.

How soon should a pet be vaccinated? Usually, the first vaccine your pet will receive will be around six weeks old. If you have the pet that young, you should take it to the vet and the vet will know what needs to be done. If you take the pet from the breeder after this age, you should ask about the first vaccines of the pet and require papers that proof its vaccination. If you want your pet to be more healthy and clean you can opt for pet grooming service providers near your location for the best services. Because, vaccinated pets are less likely to suffer from illnesses, so the mere gesture of getting your pet vaccinated means fewer visits to the vet and less money spend on treatments. You know that both your pet and your family will be safe and sound so you can enjoy a beautiful life together. And, by doing the vaccines as recommended by the vet, you will also know that if you need boarding services for housing your pet while you are away, you won’t meet any issues with the acceptance of your companion.

If you see your pet as a part of your family, then you should treat it right. Make sure your pet is properly vaccinated and most certainly it will have a long and fulfilling life within your family. Taking care of your furry companion is the least you can do for all the love and loyalty to receive. Contact us today to know more about Pet grooming and boarding services we provide at

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