Type Of Cremation For Pets


For people that live in the city, cremation would be the best option when their beloved pet is gone, being much more accessible than the pet cemetery and allowing the owner to keep the pet memory alive in his home. It will be just another high-quality service, just like the best services of pet grooming in Winnipeg you’ve been using until now because you wanted only the best for your four-legged companion.

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Now, when it comes to cremation, you should know that there are four types you can choose from. You may consider that it may be too early to think about it, but it is best to know the available options, so you can be ready when the inevitable will happen.

1. Services for private pet cremation

This type of the best choice if you want to keep your companion’s memory alive, by having its remains safely transferred into an urn. This is possible because your pet will be placed alone in the cremation chamber, without being mixed with any other pets. It would be just like boarding for dogs, your loyal pet having his own room so it can pass into eternity peacefully.

2. Communal pet cremation

This is the cheapest method of cremation because your pet will be placed in a chamber with all the other animals that will be cremated as well. If you want to get its remains after the procedure, they will most certainly be mixed up with the remains of other animals as well. Still, it remains an easier and more accessible option.

3. Individual cremation

If you want to keep the remains of your beloved pet, but you can’t afford the price of a private cremation, you can opt for an individual cremation. Your furry companion will be placed with other animals in the same chamber but will have its own place so that the remains will not mix together. This way, you know that the urn will contain the memory of your pet and nothing else. You probably want to know you dog safe just like when you were using the Winnipeg kennels, each time you had to leave for short trips.

4. Viewing cremation

For this option, the family of the cremated pet and even close friends has the chance to witness the cremation process. It is a personal choice and an opportunity to say a last goodbye to your loyal member of the family. The viewing will be made by sitting in a separate chamber, next to the cremation room. Still, if you want such a service, make sure the crematory you are choosing can offer it because not all crematories have such a chamber for viewing.

When you chose the best pet groomers in Winnipeg, you wanted for your pet to look outstanding. When you opted for services like cat boarding in Winnipeg, you knew where to find the best. So consider cremation as the best final service you can offer to your pet, which also gives you the chance to keep a proof of its existence close to you.

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